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Meet Your Therapists 

                                         Jamie Allison LaNeave Souza, LMT, Food as Medicine Coach

Jamie LaNeave, owner and passionate massage therapist, is licensed through the Virginia Board of Nursing and the nationally accredited American Institute of Massage.  She is also a Certified MediCupping Practitioner through Ace Massage Cupping, Certified Ashiatsu Advanced Practitioner through Barefoot Masters, Inc., Certified Thai Massage Practitioner through Thai Institute of Healing Arts, Certified Sekhem Seichim Angelic Reiki Teacher and Practitioner and Munay-Ki Rites Practitioner through Genevieve Ivy with Balance Within Therapies and a Certified Raw Food Health and Life Coach through David Wolfe and the Mind Body Institute.  She is dedicated to promoting healing and self-care through therapeutic massage, movement, spirituality, energy and nutrition.  She believes chronic pain, surgeries, auto-immune disorders and ailments can literally be manipulated through massage and conscious holistic living.  Jamie practices Swedish Massage, Deep tissue, Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Ashiatsu, Thai , Medicupping, Munay-Ki Rites from Peru as well as Sekhem Seichim Angelic Reiki as well as assisting in Raw Food Coaching, Food as Medicine Presentations, Life Coaching and Meditation Classes.  She is ready to assist in active participation of lifestyle changes for greater mind body awareness and quality of life.

      As a retired professional dancer of 25 years, she has a lifetime of experience to share.  She is passionate about life, nutrition and the beautiful matrix that connects us all.  Mother Earth has given us an abundance of pure, natural ways to heal.  Modern science offers us knowledge and tools to understand her complexity and simplicity and its connection to our bodies and well-being.  Jamie created Bardos Massage and Wellness in hopes that people would come there in bardos, for healing at a time of in between states or shifts, to find a caring and nurturing oasis.  She is continuing her education and journey in massage with monthly workshops with the entire staff at Bardos working with instructors from the Rolfe Institute and beyond to further investigate ways to treat postural dysfunction and pain.  She lives in a joy to help people through massage while enjoying vegan and raw food culinary explorations and her deep love and connection to Mother Earth.  She continues her journey in her ever evolving healing arts while raising two beautiful children and being joyfully engaged.

                                               Sahen Knox, LMT    Senior Therapist

Sai is currently certified in Visceral Massage, Pregnancy, Pre-and Post Partum massage as well as infant massage.  He also holds certification in Craniosacral Therapy, a wonderful therapy to help heal and soothe neurological disorders and release tensions in the neck from car accidents and chronic pain.  Sai is skilled in Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Craniosacral, Reiki, Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy, Healing Touch, Reflexology and Myofascial Release. 

Sai trusts that his abilities and knowledge of holistic healing through a therapeutic massage can change the lives of his clients and their families!  He is highly recommended as an integral part of healing in the lives of his clients.  He is eager to assist you in your path to a healthier life and will prove to give 100% in every massage.  Along with being a therapist with Bardos Massage and Wellness, Sai also holds the position of Senior Therapist for his skill in the profession and maintaining a high level of professionalism and service.

Lili Just Simons A.B.T.

Certified Zen Shiatsu therapist and Universal Healing Tao instructor in Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation.

In 1979 Lili was introduced to Shiatsu and Tai Chi on her travels to South East Asia. She started to study both when she returned to Denmark and had the privilege to study with Shizuko Yamamoto the founder of Barefoot Shiatsu and Macrobiotic Shiatsu, Rex Lasalle author and founder of Hara school in London , Masahiro Oki the founder of Oki Yoga. 

Tai Chi teachers in Copenhagen was Bill Dockens and Troels Dahlgaard, student of John Chung Li.

Shiatsu brought Lili to USA in 1985 to study with Saul Goodman at The International School of Shiatsu. She continued her studies with Watura Ohashi the founder of the Ohashiatsu School and Luigi Gargioli the founder of Mizai Shiatsu in Italy.

In 1987 she was introduced to Taoist Master Mantac Chia whom she studied Tai Chi, Qigong, Chi Nei Tsang and Meditaiton with for many years and became a Healing Tao Instructor teaching within his system.

Lili and her husband lived for several years in SD where they were adopted into a Lakota family. Participating in traditional Lakota ceremonies shaped Lili`s relationship with the land influencing her healing work to this day.

Has been in private practice for 30 years working with Zen Shiatsu and Chi Nei Tsang. Has taught Shiatsu, Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation here in USA and in Europe.

Lili and her husband lives in Richmond VA.