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Give the Gift of Healing

Bardos Wellness and Massage provides therapeutic massages that facilitate healing and alleviate pain. Treat your loved ones to our rejuvenating services by giving them a gift certificate in any amount.

If you recently made a gift purchase or wish to make a purchase, you can arrange for your gift certificate to be picked-up at the clinic or we can mail it to you. Please send us your address or a good time for your pick-up in the attached form. If you haven't already purchased your gift certificate, you may do so by filling out the form below.  

If you prefer a digital Gift Certificate please print your receipt of purchase.  This will be all that is needed to confirm the purchase!

Gift Certificate Form

*Fill-out after purchasing the Gift Certificate above

**Please indicate how you would like to receive the gift certificate you've purchased above, pick-up or mail, if choosing mail, please include the address.  

***Leave a personalized message for the recipient for us to include in the online receipt to be printed, or on the Gfit Certificate to be picked-up or mailed.  




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