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Your body is a Temple.

Nourish, Resonate, Strengthen, and Radiate it!

Our Kundalini Yoga Temple has been built!  We've expanded Bardos Massage and Wellness, a small community room for Kundalini Yoga, Workshops, Meditations, and more!


Aquarian Sadhana

This is a free service to the public of the beautiful tradition of Kundalini Yoga, The Aquarian Sadhana. We have a beautiful Kundalini Temple for you to experience the richness of this tradition for the Aquarian Age with a community. Feed your soul the sound currents of truth.

6am Japji Chant 6:30am Pranayam, Kundalini Yoga, Deep Relaxation, and Meditation

7:30am  Aquarian Sadhana Mantras

Registration is free. Love Offerings in any amount

Donate through Venmo @Jamie-LaNeave

Mondays 6pm

Fridays 7am

Learn more about Aquarian Sadhana to access the Aquarian Sadhana Chants, Tuning-In, and Closing Chants


Kundalini Yoga


Tuesday 9:15am


Light Body Meditation

Activating the Light Body within through ancient healing energy, light frequencies, DNA Activations, meditation, chanting, and prayers. This group is for Light Workers and Healers, Earth Keepers, and anyone hoping to activate these qualities within. Each meeting is a ritual or ceremony that tends to our Light Body Garden, to honor the Light Within, the Earth, and the Heavens. Using practices of meditation, ancient shamanism, crystal sound bowls, esoterica, deep pranic breathing, hands-on healing, prayer, and relaxation for the benefit of all. Each ceremony is unique and with the utmost reverence for every soul that enters. All love, deep healing, and connection. $22 - or Love Offering in any amount - Venmo @Jamie-LaNeave

See schedule at

Private Lessons in the Healing Arts

Tantric Healing Arts involves chanting, Kundalini yoga, breathwork, meditations, and games as a means for deepening connection to yourself and your partner. It as a yoga of awareness where you wake the senses use the breath to direct your energy. The games, meditations, and mantras give a depth of experience in the senses with the power of the sound current, the quality of touch, movement, dance, theater, shamanism, and the cosmic heart. There is some kundalini yoga work with angles and strengthening so that the chakra centers are strengthened for greater strength, stimulation, and presence in all areas of life. Breathwork is also a very important aspect as the breath directs pranic flow and intensifies stimulation. There is also an aspect of Shuniya where we dance with stillness to create seduction with emptiness. Mind and Body Games for deepening connection, learning new ways of playing, and fun! 

 $85 for Individuals and $120 for duets and couples.


Private Lessons in Tantra - Kundalini - Yoga - Numberology - Light Body Healing and Consulting

Register for a Class or Book By Appointment

Singles or Couples Welcome

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