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The Detox Program

"Heiros Gamos" Sacred Unity Within


Letting go of things that no longer serve your well-being is a constant life transition. To help soothe your mental anxiety, stress, and physical discomforts while moving through these transitions, we have created a system that will assist you in your efforts and help heal your body and mind. 

The  Detox Program is a full mind-body program that incorporates Therapeutic Massage, Light Body Healing, Juicing, and FIR Sauna Therapy to help heal the body and let go of the things that are no longer serving us.

I  begin to address the source of toxic behaviors, thoughts, chemicals, and hormones, etc.  The body stores all of these memories in the Akashic Field as chemicals and hormones in the body.  As an intuitive healer, I, Kavita Dasjot, Jamie LaNeave, can view the roots of these issues.  Using spirit energy I can lovingly listen to these "alarms" in the body and move through them to access the pureness of spirit that is underneath.  This oftentimes is connected to a healthy memory, thought, or dream.  These are very real to the body and act like jewels and treasures to be discovered.  

Found out more information on the modalities that are included in the Heiros Gamos Detox Massage:

Light Body Healing relaxes the mind and brings the soul into resonance with the blueprint of you

MediCupping cleanses the tissues and rehydrates inflamed muscles

UltraSonic Slimming detoxes the fat cells of toxins

Lymphatic Drainage cleanses the tissues

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy helps to sweat out heavy metals, inflammation, and toxins

Laser Light Therapy to reorganize the system into a healthy productive atmosphere

Juicing and herbal remedies revitalize the body 

Light Body Healing is an extremely important part of healing the body in this program. Your Soul is leaving messages in your body. Blockages to your Soul's purpose can be read by me as a Sprint Guide.  I can restructure the energetic field with Light Body Healing.  A modality of healing coming from Source Energy of Love and your Soul's Resonance.   The Akashic Records of your body are read in order to clear any relationships or thought patterns that may be taking you away from the fullness of your well-being, potential, and spiritual gifts. This is a subtle body psychic energy reading that uses mental imagery and spirit energy to help find the tools to clear thought patterns and behavior.

Food as Medicine uses Fresh Raw Organic Juice cleanses, and more, to get more light and high vibrations into the body.

Different especially blended aroma therapies accompany each session to infuse the body with the healing properties. They come with blends for anxiety, insomnia, weight loss, quitting smoking and drug addiction, and more.

Learn more by booking a session that includes a free consultation, One MediCupping Cacoon Wrap Session, and One Far Infrared Sauna Session. Be good TO YOU as you create your body into a temple with Heiros Gamos, "Sacred Unity" with your Spirit, in a clean, nurturing environment.    

Whatever your reason for detoxification is, having a plan and taking it one day at a time is the best way to succeed.  I would love to be of service as a Spirit Guide on your journey.  Your gatekeeper between the unknown and the known, and the keeper of truth and the eternal flame.  Once your flame is strong and vibrant, continue to pass along this spirit of hope to others in need.  This is one of the jewels on the spiritual path that will carry you with love.

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