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Laser Therapy and LED Light Therapy

These therapies can be added to any massage or used as a stand-alone treatment.  Often times combining these treatments with a massage can increase its effects.  Combing these with the natural vibrations of Food as Medicine can be life-changing!

Laser Hair Growth

A high-intensity cold laser cap is used in 10-20 Session Packages to strengthen and encourage hair growth.  Designed for post-chemo and radiation patients, hair thinning, and premature balding.  Post-treatment detox, rebuild and nourish with FIR Sauna Therapy, Massage, Laser Treatments, and Food as Medicine Consultations.


$350/10 Sessions

$675/20 Sessions

Cold Laser for Pain Relief

Arthritis Pain, Tendon and Joint Pain, Muscle Soreness, Acute Injuries, Post-Surgery Healing.  Included FREE in all MediCupping Massages as the efficacy is greatly increased.  


$350/10 Sessions

$675/20 Sessions

LED Color Therapy

This is a fun, vibrant service to add to any massage or treatment.  9 different color variations help the skin glow, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, anti-bacterial, increasing collagen, and reduce pigmentation.   Clear acne and acne scars, lighten the skin, leave with a glow!  This treatment comes with our MediBright Medi Face Lift, one of our Signature Massages.

$20 /20min

High Intensity Near and Far Infrared Lamps 

During every Cavitation and Radio Frequency Session, we have high intensity near and far infrared therapy lamps blasting light and healing, enhancing treatment efficacy and increasing healing, detox, pain relief, and recovery.

Sessions are added to any service FREE.  Simply request or add to service when booking any massage or treatment.

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