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In Tibet, the word "Bardo" means "an interval between two things," an escape from external pressures, a time when healing can occur.  Our therapists would like to invite you to find which healing path is right for you in your journey of healing. 

Therapeutic massages are tailored for the athlete, pre and post-surgery, the expectant mother, and for those suffering from stress, addiction, muscular pain, or more serious ailments needing the soothing benefits of massage, detox, and energetic healing.  


   Living a vibrantly healthy life is possible.  Our therapists are here for your so that you can reach your goals of stress reduction, pain relief, enhanced physical, mental and spiritual states of being.  

     Trained in several massage modalities, yoga, and coaching arts, our therapists are continually training and learning to give you the best treatments available.   

Is this your first time with us?  

Let's help you find the right massage and wellness plan for you.  Browse through our Therapeutic Massages, Advanced Massages, or Signature Massage, or simply book a 75 or 105min appointment with Kavita Dasjot Kaur (Jamie Allison LaNeave), LMT, founder.  She will consult with you before your session and get the perfect plan set up for you.

My name is Kavita Dasjot Kaur, Jamie Allison LaNeave.  I am the founder of  Bardos Massage and Wellness and a passionate innovator of the healing arts.   I've trained in many modalities and am an intuitive healer working with spirit, strength, and grace.   My ballet career,  spirituality, and curious mind molded me into a dynamic healer of all parts of the human body, mind, and soul.   Whatever your stage or bardos, I am eager to assist you in your transitional phase, in the direction of your highest good, your power, and your peace.   

Along with myself, we have several trained therapists in the healing arts to offer pre and post-surgery healing and preventative care with the newest healing technology for the body, brain-heart-spirit technology, and detox arts.  Our team is ready to enrich your life with a wealth of information and a depth of experience in your healing path.  

Licensed Massage Therapist 600 hrs

Certified MediCupping Practioner 100 hrs

Certified Advanced Ashiatsu Practioner 100 hrs

Cavitation, Radio Frequency, Laser Training 50 hrs

Karam Kriya Numerology Counseling Training 200hrs

Certified Thai Massage and Energy Medicine Practitioner 100 hrs

Kundalini Yoga Teacher 600 hrs

Tantric Arts and Yoga Teacher 200 hrs

Munay Ki Rites Certification 50 hrs

Angelic Sekhem-Sechiem Reiki 100 hrs

Certified Food as Medicine Health Coach 75 hrs

Certified Raw Food Chef  75 hrs

Master Holistic Nutritionist in Training 500 hrs

Creator of the Light Body Energy Healing Modality 

Creator of the Heiros Gamos Detox Program

Learn more about Kavita Dasjot  here.


Letting go of things that no longer serve your well-being is a constant life transition and is impossible to do alone. To help soothe your mental anxiety, stress, and physical discomforts, we have created a system that will assist you in your efforts and heal your body.

Whatever your reason for detoxification is, having a plan and taking it one day at a time is the best way to succeed. I am an intuitive healer that uses the latest massage and detox technology as well as Spirit Technology to change DNA expressions and Soul Connections in the body.  Learn more about Sacred Unity Within below.

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