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Practicing the art of detox, preventative care, and post-surgery healing

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In Tibet, the word "Bardo" means "an interval between two things," an escape from external pressures, a time when healing can occur.  Our therapists would like to invite you to find which healing path is right for you in your journey of healing. 

Therapeutic massages are tailored for the athlete, expectant mother, and for those suffering from stress, addiction, muscular pain, or more serious ailments needing the soothing benefits of massage.  


   Living a vibrantly healthy life is possible.  Our highly qualified therapists develop specific and specialized treatment plans to meet your changing needs, no matter what your Bardo, condition or stage in life, so that you can reach your goals of stress reduction, pain relief, and enhanced physical, mental and spiritual states of being.  

     Trained in several massage modalities, yoga, and coaching arts, our therapists are continually training and learning to give you the best treatments available.   

Advanced Therapies


Thai Massage

Zen Shiatsu

Medical Massage

Neuromuscular Therapy

Cranio-Sacral Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Deep Tissue


Sports Massage

Hot Stones



Pre and Post Surgery Healing


Lymph Drainage

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Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

UltraSonic Slimming


Far Infrared Laser Cupping

Laser Lypo

Radio Frequency

Far Infrared Sauna

Food as Medicine Boxes

Juice Cleanses

Signature Massages

All Signature Massages come with a 30min FIR Sauna Session

The Ashi-Thai Way

Hot Bamboo Muscle Recover

Renew and Revitalize Lymph Drainage

Reflexology Dream

Butterfly Wrap

The Radiant Temple

Aquarian Sadhana

Kaula Tantra Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

Radiant Rhythms Devotion

Mantras Meditation and Dance



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Light Body Healing Garden

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Food as Medicine

Detox Boxes 

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Superfood Shots

Food as Medicine Counseling

Is this your first time with us?  

We have a new client introductory rate for you!  Been with us before, but haven't tried all of our services?  You get all of our Services at the discounted rate before moving into our Membership Program or buying a Package.

$55 for a 60-minute Therapeutic Massage Session

$85 for a 90-minute Therapeutic Massage Session

$25 intro rate for a 1-hour Far Infrared Sauna Session

$85 Intro Rate 75-minute Specialty and Advance Massage Sessions

$120 Intro Rate Signature Massage with 30 Min Sauna

$120 Intro Rate 105min Sessions

$87 Intro Rate 75 Min Medical Massage

$112 Intro Rate 105 Min Medical Massage

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Heiros Gamos Detox Program

Letting go of things that no longer serve your well-being is a constant life transition and is impossible to do alone. To help soothe your mental anxiety, stress, and physical discomforts, we have created a system that will assist you in your efforts and heal your body.

Whatever your reason for detoxification is, having a plan and taking it one day at a time is the best way to succeed. Our program offers you the opportunity to have four to eight weeks of focused effort on your healing, creating new mental and physical patterns to ease your way into a new life and a new beginning.

Our Detox Program includes Far Infrared Sauna Therapy to penetrate the body, break up tissues and adhesions, and flush debris, heavy metals, and inflammation out of your body while providing a relaxing environment for healing.  A Butterfly MediWrap uses cocoon aromatherapy wraps to give a sense of protection and safety to soothe the mind, relieve anxiety, and calm the body.  Cavitation and MediCupping and used to melt fat, flush toxins, clean tissues and hydrate the body.  Laser is then used to reorganize the cellular structures of the body for a healthy environment for healing and recovery.  Food as Medicine counseling is given to ensure the body, mind, and spirit is receiving all the motivation, inspiration, food and lifestyle habits to reach your goals.  

Detox can be made 100xs more effective with nutrient therapies that compliment your lifestyle.  Find out what foods, supplements and online gurus you need to be tapping into to support your best life ever!  

A series of eight different especially blended aroma therapies accompany each session to infuse the body with the healing properties. They come with blends for anxiety, insomnia, weight loss, and more. The blends have properties, such as:

      • Juniper to rid excess water
      • Myhrr for pain and a sense of peace
      • Chamomile to soothe
      • Basil, thyme, rosemary, and clove for breathing 
  • Grapefruit for weight loss
  • Lavender for a calm vibrancy
  • Pettigrain for its toning qualities
  • The blends are truly unique and healing.

  • MediCupping is an intelligent way to optimize cleansing and absorption of the aromatherapies and the Food as Medicine nutritional therapies. It is guaranteed to shed seven inches off the body in the eight-week series by moving lymph and promoting the body to heal.

  • Food as Medicine counseling provides vital information on nutrition and healing through raw living food, herbs, and superfoods for the most optimal and pain-free detox possible. When the body has what it needs to thrive, it has resources to also shed fat. The less toxins in the body, the less the body needs to store fat to protect itself.

  • Lessons in raw living food preparation, as well as custom tonics, herbs, and raw living juices and smoothies, are tailored to fit your needs for a whole body mind and spirit upgrade.  The consciousness you will have eating raw living foods vs processed cooked foods is huge.  If you want a living consciousness, eat living foods!

  • This is an eight-part series designed to last for four to eight weeks so that the body and mind will have the ability to truly create new patterns of comfort and health. Try the program for an introductory rate of $125 for a consultation, a 75-minute Butterfly MediWrap Treatment, and a Far Infrared Sauna session.

  • A consultation will precede your treatment to discuss your personal needs and goals to find the right plan of action for you during the detox program. The full program is separated into payments to make your health more affordable and accessible. You are saving money while purchasing the package, but the program can also be done slowly over time while booking the massages and consultations monthly.

  • Having a membership would give you access to some of these benefits and discounts as well. Go to our Membership page to find our more information or book a consultation with us today!