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Natural Healing

Natural Care for a Vibrant Life

Pathogens, heavy metals, nutritional deficiencies are natural.  Learn about my favorite arsenals of healing, detox, and support that have protected me and supported me to live a nurtured existence.  Our plant and Earth allies are powerful!  

A healthy dietary cleanse is recommended every 2 weeks to keep the body functioning optimally for immunity, clarity, and vibrancy.  Herbs and all-natural remedies are more powerful when you are clean!  Increase the efficacy of these supplements with water fasting for at least 24hrs twice and month and juice fasting the day before and after your water fast.  


Global Healing is an amazing company with so many high-quality products.  Dr. Group, the owner and creator, was introduced to me through David Wolfe at the beginning of Covid 19.  He said if he had any arsenal to take with him during this time, it would be Detoxadine.  It is anti-bacterial and anti-viral.  ENT and other doctors use this to sterilize an environment before surgery.

The way that it is recommended for use is taking 3 drops by mouth.  I prefer to take it with water and it goes down easy.  

To prevent viruses and bacteria from entering the lungs and mouth, in the morning and especially at night, rinses are recommended.  Mix a saline solution with a couple of drops of iodine, gargle for a few minutes and use a Netti pot through the nose.  Even more effective is making a saline solution with a drop of Detoxadine for use with a Nebulizer.  

This can be very helpful if you know you have been in contact with someone experiencing symptoms of illness, if you've been in large groups, or if you've been traveling.  This is excellent preventative care and acute care.   It is known to reduce the severity of illness and shorten recovery time.  

An easy alternative to gargling with saline and iodine solutions would be simply gargling with an alcohol-based mouth rinse.  This has also been helpful as a preventative and reducing the duration of illnesses.   If you don't have the iodine you can also use a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide in a saline solution and rinse through the nose. 

Taken orally has amazing benefits.  Click this link to read more information on the benefits of Detoxadine.


Our bodies naturally fight off viruses and bacteria.  When our system gets clogged and overloaded with eating and stress, without the time for healing and fasting, our immune system is constantly overloaded.  It is working so hard to keep you clean and healthy, moment to moment, it doesn't have the capacity to heal if a virus or bacteria enters the system.  

It is recommended to water fast for 1 day every 2  1//2weeks, with juice fasting preparations the day before and after.  It's about twice a month, with 2 days before and after the water fast for prepping and easing back into food.    Everyone's detox is going to look different, but what you are working towards is water and a little bit of fruit for 24 hrs with the days before and after to be filled with juices, liquid soups, and herbal tea.  

Salads and Raw Desserts high in fat are recommended on the days before the liquid diet begins and upon completion, as high-fat meals will nourish the brain and cells for better communication and detoxification during the water fast.  There are so many wonderful supplements to assist this 5 Day experience.  Chorella, Zinc, Vit D, Antioxidants, Vit C, lemons, limes, honey, adaptogenic mushrooms, herbs, and more!  


Paraguard is a natural defense against bacteria, viruses, and internal parasites.  It is excellent to promote a healthy gut flora, which is vital for vitality, strength, and protecting against inflammation, autoimmune disorders.  This protocol is safe for children and adults and is safe to use for 10 Days at a time.

I personally use this for 10 days at a time, 30-90 drops a day in water.  I love the way it makes me feel.  After 10 days, I go on a 2 week pro and prebiotic protocol with Aloe Vera Juice and Digestacure.  

3 out of 4  Americans have a parasite at any given time.  This can be in the form of bloating from candida, which we know leads to a build-up of tissues in tumors, a clogged system, and inflammation of the gut which causes inflammation, and burning or itching when going to the bathroom.  It is safe to say at a minimum, we should be doing this protocol quarterly.   

For those interested in preventative care, this is an excellent choice.  It is my favorite tool in my arsenal of natural healing as it has a beautiful combination of powerhouse herbs and soothing, healing herbs,  to create health and strength of my system.

5 Day Detox Diet Plan

Day 1:  Prepare the colon with lots of Fiber,  eat salads, whole cooked and raw veggies, protein, and smoothies with your favorite supplements and superfoods added.

Day 2:  Begin liquids only.  Have juices, soups, and fruit if needed.  Raw desserts with healthy fats are excellent.

Day 3:  Drink lots of water with infusions if desired such as cucumber, cilantro, essential oils, and mineral drops.  Eat a small amount of fruit when needed.  Herbal teas are nutritious and soothing during this time.  

Day 4: Drink freshly pressed juices, soups, and raw desserts with healthy fats.

Day 5:  Eat abundant salads, whole cooked and raw veggies, proteins, and smoothies or juices.  


When the lungs are compromised with inflammation and there is trouble breathing, nebulizers will be ESSENTIAL.  Every household should have a nebulizer.  Especially during the Covid epidemic where the leading cause of death is lack of oxygen from breathing.  

Make a saline solution with purified or distilled water, add a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide, and/or Detoxadine, and use as needed with the Nebulizer treatment doctor recommendations

This is an early symptom preventative to help prevent the worsening of symptoms.  The sooner the better, even if you are not experiencing trouble breathing, or if you suspect you may have Covid, begin using as soon as possible.  Killing the virus in the lungs and nasal passages is critical in stopping the virus from getting deeper into the system to have a better chance of a quick recovery.  

Herbal Infusions

Herbal infusions are an excellent way to get vital, living materials, minerals, compounds, and vitamins into the body.  Take the green leafy herb, mix with cold filtered water in a mason jar, and let it infuse overnight.  The next morning you have "living water" that is a powerhouse of helpful nutrient-dense tea.  Make it caffeine-free and drink all day as you would water! 

My favorite is Nettle Tea for nutrients and minerals, Gingko Tea for blood thinning and inflammation, goji berries for all 22 Amino Acids, and Lemon Verbena for mood and calm.  If you're having lung issues Mullein would be a great choice.  Mix with honey and lemon for a delicious variation.  You could also add herbs, essential oils, your daily doses of MSM Powder, D-Mannose or Ace-Mannon, or Digestacure Powder.    This is a great way to stay hydrated while truly infusing your life with the healing of Mother Earth.  Find the vibration that works for you.  

Research the herbs that are right for you or make a Food as Medicine appointment to talk about the best herbs for your situation.  Finding an herbalist or a Natureoopthathic Dr. could also help get you started if you are experiencing more complicated issues.  Once you have found the right herbs for you, mix the green leaves into cold water.   Save the roots of the herbs for hot infusions!  I make 64pz Mason Jars every day for a soothing addition to my diet.  What a great detox and preventative!  

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