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The Light Body Garden

Energetic Healing

Make Your Life a Living Prayer

Journey with your Higher Self

Feed your Spirit

Spread your Love

Practical guided activations, clearings, prayers, and journey's into your body's DNA encoded star map of your soul.

Living Prayers for your Light Body Garden

Getting to know your divine essence, your soul, your connection to the infinite creator within you, begins with intention and gratitude, and is followed by grace and growth.  We are a living, breathing, eternal soul needing nourishment, care, pruning, and attention.  Your body is a temple for your soul and holds the key to this infinite journey.  Hold sacred space for your evolution as a Divine Human, here in your Light Body Garden, with your very own guide and intuitive. Gain insights, ideas, and nourishment for your soul's journey.  Drink the manna of Heaven.  Breathe the breath of eternity.  

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