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Flow and Glow 

Summer Special

Get flowing and glowing  in a smooth flow of massage, radio frequency, and a diatomaceous earth body scrub for grounded-glistening skin.

Loaded with sea and earth minerals, diatomaceous earth is a powerhouse of nutrients for the skin. Your skin will be ready for the intense summer sun, and glowing from the inside out!

What's included:

75min or 105min Flow and Glow Massage at $35 Savings

Full Body Oil Massage/Radio Frequency Skin Tightening/Diatomaceous Earth Body Scrub

Cayenne and Lemon Superfood Shot  FREE

One Hour Far Infrared Sauna  FREE

Save $35

For a limited time only!

Stock up on Flow and Glow Massage Specials this Summer with 75min and 105min Sessions to help your skin Glow and be Prepared for the Summer Sun.  

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