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Food as Medicine

Food Prep Boxes To-Go


In-Home or Virtual 

Meal Prepping Coaching

Take your health to the next level with amazing recipes, tips, treats, and coaching.  Order pre-made boxes and have our coaches meal prep for you in the comfort of your own home or choose a virtual lesson.  Choose from the box that suits your needs and level of health.


Every box comes full of gentle juices of green, orange, red and blue, to stimulate the digestive system, flush heavy metals, and clean the blood.   Superfood Smoothies soothe the soul with herbal add-ons tailored to suit your needs of relaxation, energy, or cellular repair.  Choose a 1, 2, or 3 day Juice Detox.


Sweet Apple Carrot

Hail Kale

Pure Green


Every month we will feature different low-fat mostly raw vegan breakfasts, lunches, and dinners prepped in your box.  Huge salads, buddha bowls, veggie noodles, fruit bowls with drizzles, decadent dressings,  raw living sushi and soups.  You'll experience a vibrant, colorful and outrageously healthy lifestyle.  Choose 1-2 Person Boxes or 3-4 Person Boxes. 

Buddha Bowls

Breakfast Bowls

Extravagant Salads

Veggie Noodle Pastas

Desserts, Treats and Snacks

A mostly raw, low-fat diet experience is long term health.   To stay on track, experience the boxes full of treats, desserts, and snacks.  They are sure to fuel your curious side.  These snacks are healthy, delicious, decadent, and fun and absolutely complete your amazingly delicious detox!  Purchased a la carte and can be added to any Detox or Lifestyle Box.

Raw Bars

Raw Cashew Cheesecakes

Pudding Pies

Banana "Nice" Cream Bowls

Energy Balls

Choose your box

1-2 Person Detox Meal Box

This box contains everything you need for one or two people to enjoy a day of fresh, organic, delicious, low-fat,  high raw, plant-based meals.  Choose two of each: smoothie, breakfast bowl, freshly pressed juice, lunch, dinner, and dessert.  

1-3 Day Juice Box

This box contains everything you need for a 1-3 day fresh, organic, detox, full of living, delicious freshly pressed juices.  Choose herbal add-ons below to complete your drinks for your goals.  

3-4 Person Detox Meal Box

This box contains everything you need for three to four people to enjoy a day of fresh, organic, delicious, low-fat, high raw, delicious vegan food.   Choose four of each:  smoothie, breakfast bowl, freshly pressed juice, lunch, dinner, and dessert.


Detox Box Menu  

June 23rd, 24th & July 8th, 9th

Spirulina Energy Smoothie

        Spirulina invigorates the energetic system with minerals and essential fatty acids.  Essential for energy workers, empaths, those in front of a computer,         and those with daily energetic needs.  Feed your mitochondria and energy body!  

Summer Fruit Bowl 

Fresh fruit with citrus-mint-agave dressing.  Fresh mint from the garden and local honey from Virginia.

Fresh Watermelon Juice

Watermelon with the rind and seeds are a known aphrodisiac.  Cool off and energize with this sweet freshly pressed juice that will keep your inner fire burning.

Asian Kelp Noodle Salad

         Kelp noodles, red cabbage, herbs, and sesame-red hot  pepper dressing.  Kelp noodles are high in minerals and essential fatty acids, ocean superfood,             and the best noodle ever! 

Mock Salmon Salad 

Mock Salmon made from kelp and almonds with spring lettuce, tomato, and a raw, cashew mayo.

Chocolate Coconut-Sunflower Bars

        Decadent chocolate bars with sunflower seeds and coconut.  Sweetened with agave syrup.


Food as Medicine


Take your health to the next level with Food as Medicine Boxes: 

Immunity Box
Gut and Brain Health Box 
Heart Health Box
Liver Detox Box 

You will receive printed cards full of information, recipes and home remedies as well as tinctures, teas, herbal medicine and more.  A great gift for yourself and your loved ones!

You deserve to be nourished and fed well!

"Living a healthy vibrant life starts with the food we eat and the thoughts we think.  You deserve to feel great while doing the things you love!"

Add a la cart 


Gain a wealth of knowledge and health with every box.

"Let food be thy medicine"    

- Hippocrates

Information and Recipes

All boxes come with information about the recipes, food, superfoods, and herbs.  Recipe cards will be included in digital formatting after purchase to add healthy ideas and recipes into your new lifestyle.  When we are educated about our food, we can fall in love with it even more!  

Knowing exactly what we are putting into our body and that it is made with love and care is where the fun begins.   This is when we can relax and enjoy the sensations of eating.   Remember,  all food is information.  We want the subtle and profound differences healthy, organic, plant-based food has to offer.

Add a one-hour virtual or in-person food prepping and/or coaching lesson with Jamie.  Her 20 years as a professional athlete/dancer and 10 years immersion into health and wellness has led to a comprehensive understanding of health and your body!  Everyone is on their own path with their own history and genetics.  She will work intuitively with you to find the best meal plan and Food as Medicine compliments to your life.   

Virtual or in-home meal prepping instruction is hands-on learning to incorporate low-fat raw vegan food into your diet.  More raw fruits and vegetables are essential to our health.  Let's think of creative ways to get it into your diet so you actually crave this food!  Have Jamie walk step by step with you prepping and making your food!  I am your personal chef!  

What our customers are saying

I have become a big believer in Jamie LaNeave’s Food as Medicine program and Laser Slimming process over the past several years.

In terms of why I have become such a high believer starts with my history in the process.  I have had “Food As Medicine" sessions with Jamie on and off over the past five years and during that time I had applied about 50% of the suggestions simply because I was not fully committed.

I knew it would take a significant change in habit with a high amount of discipline to start the process. Once started I was concerned I would give up too soon and therefore took the path of least resistance, I ate more vegetables and fruit but not what was necessary to make the change for better health.

In January, before the realization of the pandemic, I decided it was time to make the full level of commitment to the aspects of food is medicine. I met with Jamie, started some positive changes and most recently have worked with her on the recipes, daily meals and overall change in how I viewed food.

My diet changed to raw vegetables, ingredients that included some very different herbs and nutrients I had never tried before in a diet.

Just as importantly, I fully immersed myself in the preparation of the meals, with a little bit (well, actually more) help from Jamie in the purchase of the foods and ingredients.

The result has been a steady change in eating habits for the better, gone are processed and fast to eat foods.

In their place are soulful, active, and necessary meals that invigorate the body and cleanse it of unnecessary toxins.

Also, gone is the weekly wine and the fact is I do not miss it as my health has changed in terms of energy, outlook and of course health.

My recent physical has shown the metabolic numbers are significantly improved for the better with continued positive progress.

For anyone interested, once you are ready the food is medicine sessions will make a significant difference!

Also, to complement the meal aspect of a healthy change I have received about five treatments from Jamie and her colleague, Priscilla on the laser slimming system.

I truly had no idea what to expect with the system other than I needed to further along with the change I wanted to see in my health.

Interestingly, I was not unhealthy, I simply wanted to get better.

The laser slimming is fantastic as it truly helps to stimulate weight and body change. The best way to describe the after effect is the system allows the body to make a healthy change in shape and dimension.

Both of the complementary systems have made a very significant impact on my health and outlook. The fact is I will stay committed to the food as medicine way of eating (and drinking). The laser slimming is not forever but the timing is perfect when viewing the potential effect from the food as medicine system.

I hope this helps to provide a testimonial on both systems and of the incredible patience, passion and positive view Jamie takes to her patients.

-"Joe" April 7th, 2019

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