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The Fountain of Divinity

Kundalini Yoga - "Sadhana Foundations"

The tradition of Sadhana is a devotion, to yourself and your creator, within the temple of your body and the altar of your mind.   A merging of spirit, and the grounding of the power of love.

"If we begin to set our vibration when the sun is at 60 °, before the rising of the sun, or at the setting of the sun, we may ride the day like a wave, free and bountiful.  Spirit will be with us as a fountain, ever-flowing, and strong."


"The Fountain of Divinity"

Kundalini Yoga 

Sadhana Foundations

The heart of Kundalini Yoga is the morning Jaap, the chanting of the Japji, other mantras, breathwork, and meditations.   

The Japji is the first section of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji of the Sikh Tradition.  It holds many of the jewels for living.  It is part of the Kundalini Tradition as a daily prayer in the morning hours, but can be honored, studied, and practice anytime!  It will serve as a guide to our Sadhana Foundations.  

Sadhana Foundations is also a study of Kundalini Yoga in its roots of Sadhana, a daily Amrit Vela practice.  The practice uses Prana and Consciousness to expand our power and purity, for grounding, cleansing, and liberation.    Kriyas, Chanting, and Mediations are used to bring awareness to different systems of the body, mind, and spirit.  This connects the intelligence of the body into divinity and emptiness as a way of understanding the true nature of our existence, moving out of Karma, and allowing Dharma to guide the ever-changing path.     

The morning Amrit Vela between 3:30am-7am and the afternoon Amrit Velas between a3:30pm-7pm are auspicious times to accelerate your healing, activating, and merge with spirit. The sun is at 60 °, making it an optimal time to go inward. Truth be told, all time and anytime is a good time to merge with spirit. Yet when we do so consciously, our lives accelerate exponentially. Our time isn't wasted wandering around aimlessly. We have drawn back the arrow of focus and begin to drive that arrow into the very hearts of our lives.

Every one is truly unique and different. Your Sadhana is going to look very different than my Sadhana. This guide is merely a framework for you to fill with your creative freedom from a tradition rich in meditations, pranayamas, and kriyas. You will always have something new to try, and old favorites that do it for you every time! Follow your bliss and intuition, use your creativity. This is the goal of all of this in the first place! To find our highest bliss, and to ground it into the possibilities of every moment as the moment arises.  

If we are consistent and diligent, through daily Sadhana, we develop a steadfast relationship with the Universe, our mind, and with others around us.  Our hearts become open to our own divinity and within all beings.  Our compassion for ourselves grows, and this love expands to a higher love and compassion for all beings.  This begins to overflow as the Fountain of Divinity within you, and your whole life begins to be enriched in ways you never thought possible.   As we bless ourselves, we learn to bless others as well, and the cycle of God in our lives begins.   Universal Healing Energy is activated in our hearts and daily practices as our Sadhana unfolds.   

To make room for these experiences, we need to let go of old habits, and create new ones!  To embrace letting go, fasting, facing our shadow with love, cleansing, are all practices associated with the 11th Day of the Moon.  This is explained in another course and can be experienced at The Radiant Temple during Ceremonial Moon Days.  These traditions come to us to help us as a guide on our path, to cleanse and purify the body, riding the sound current to help us catch the wave of infinity.  One thing to understand about letting go of bad habits is there always must be a positive habit in its place.  When our environment and habitual behaviors change, our entire chemical structure changes, our lives change.  

"If we begin to set our vibration before the rising of the sun and at the setting of the sun, we may ride the day like a wave, free and bountiful.  Spirit will be with us as a fountain, ever-flowing, and strong."

I will walk you through this initiatory process with meditations, mantras, recipes, and more to help you along the way.   Integrate these ancient teachings and wisdom into your being fully and profoundly, bit by bit, every day.  Follow the call of your heart with the strength of your light in practice, and learn a new tradition of healing, peace, and power.  

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