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UltraSonic Cavitation 
$120 for 75 Mins &  $155 for 105 min 

This is latest in technology for non invasive fat reduction and skin tightening.  Results are seen immediately.  No scarring, no surgery, no downtime.  Affordable pricing for you to reach your goals in a relaxing and supportive atmosphere.  Cellulite and fat literally are melted away using the UltraSonic Cavitation Machine.  The sound waves pulse through the fat making air bubbles, bursting the fat cells into a liquid.  The machine does not suck the fat out of the body, which means no scarring, but it also means that you are responsible for assisting the fat out of the body.  A 30min cardio workout is a must immediately following each session.  This includes a brisk walk or an aerobic workout.  We provide NASA's top proven Rebounder for the BEST workout without the pressure on your joints.  Rebounding also opens and closes the lymph system to further assist the fat to be processed through the body.  One (1) Liter of water must be consumed before and after your treatment.  A week of Pre and Post treatment Liver Cleansing is a must for optimal function of the liver as it processes your unwanted fat.  We highly suggest a Far Infrared Sauna Treatment in between treatments to help assist the body in flushing.  10-12 Treatments to get the most out of your sessions, 1-2 sessions per week. 

Buy any 4 Sessions and get the 5th one Free!

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