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Hal W.  Aug 20th, 2016

Intuitive and passionate are two words that immediately come to mind when I think of Jamie as a massage therapist. Intuitive because Jamie seems to sense just the right amount of pressure that I need. I personally need deep tissue massage to loosen up and Jamie does that very well. Passionate, because Jamie seems very present when she's giving a massage. Because she is so present & totally involved, her massage conveys a lot of energy & relaxation---a great combination! Jamie is well versed in various modalities, including Shiatsu, Ashiatsu, Thai Yoga, Swedish & cupping, all of which I have experienced with great pleasure.

Sandy S.  Aug 31, 2016

I have been getting massages for many years and in many places. I started out getting massages for relaxation and for the sheer feel good effect. Over the years injuries and health problems - both temporary and chronic - have changed my massage needs to mostly therapeutic. Fortunately several years ago I found Bardos Massage. Here all of these needs have been carefully considered and each massage session specifically tailored to maximize the therapeutic effects. I never have exactly the same massage. The results have been wonderful and I credit Jamie LaNeave with having a major role in keeping me in the best physical condition that I could be in considering my problems. Jamie is expert in many techniques and modalities and combines them to create a healing treatment that leaves me pain free, relaxed and yet energized. I will never go anywhere else.

Nancy B  Sept 9th, 2016

With my massage being a gift I had thought of the idea only a treat. After my session with Jamie not only did I feel incredible but the recent neck pain I was experiencing was gone. This was more than a massage. Jamie's skill and communication was far above my expectations.. Highly recommended..

Joseph K  Aug, 26th, 2016

The physical aspects of my life are much improved since starting with Bardos. I feel much healthier each month after my massage. Having had lower back surgery in 2006, this treatment helps tremendously. I would highly recommend the great folks at Bardos!

Tommy T Sept 8th, 2016

There's a unique quality when one constantly explores new modalities to expand and enhance their craft. That's just a little something that Bardos excels at and that's what keeps me coming back again and again.

Allen D  August 15th, 2016

I've been a regular client for 1.5 years now, and can say that I have been happy with every massage at Bardos. They are always focused on understanding what is happening with my body, and how to tune it to keep me healthy, working out, and feeling great. Thanks!

Delores T   Nov 23, 2016

My massage therapist stopped practicing when she had children and I tried many therapists before I found Jamie. She is fabulous! Not only does she give a great massage but the variety of massages and other services available make this practice different than most. Try them all you will not be disappointed!

-Happy Coustumer April 23rd, 2016
Phenomenal massage! I will definitely go back again!

Bardos is wonderful. This is the second time I have been there and I would recommend Bardos to everyone! The staff is warm, friendly and conscientious. They are thorough in asking exactly what you want, telling you what they do and staying aware of how you are doing. I had a different person each time and even though their techniques were different I felt absolutely wonderful afterwards. I say go for it and ask for the foot scrub - you will not regret it!  -Happy Costumer April 6th, 2016

Linda M  July 8th, 2014

I get massages regularly from the owner, Jamie and she is fantastic!  I highly recommend her services to anyone suffering from chronic pain issues.  Bardos offers a variety of services as well as an infrared sauna for detoxification.  An extra plus is that Jamie is very knowledgeable about the raw diet and other nutritional issues.

David H.  7/9/2014

I have been searching for several years in the Richmond area to find a massage therapist who is a "best fit" for me, and I have found that person at Bardos Massage.  Jamie, the owner, is not only a great therapist but a compassionate person ( I actually think all therapists are - if only we could get a few in government!) who takes personally the needs of her clients and is continuing to educate herself in various techniques so as to always be able to offer the best combination of therapies for each individual.  The price is affordable and you can set up appointments and make payments online if you want.

Tony S   7/7/2014

Due to my active lifestyle, both work and recreational, I've wondered if a massage ease my stress and tension, and would help my body recover faster. It was always something I wanted, but I never knew where to go. 

I first visited Bardos several months ago. I'll be honest, I never had a professional massage before and wouldn't have known about Bardos without the Amazon deal that I found. I browsed their website and I was interested in trying a few (of the many) services offered.  I decided to give it a try, and bought the 3 massage package deal. 

My first visit was more pleasurable than expected. Jenni took the time discuss the techniques, answer my questions, and really listen to my needs. I could tell she was interested in tailoring the massage to match me exactly. I will review the massage experiences in better detail, keep reading.

The ease of booking an appointment is certainly worth mentioning. Bardos uses and online scheduler, so it's very easy to review the openings for each therapist and types of services. You receive email notifications and reminders. And rescheduling is just as easy. Jaime is very good at responding to emails, not just with scheduling but any question you may have about Bardos services.

I scheduled my 3 massages over the course of 5 months - 1 Swedish and 2 deep tissue massages, all with Jenni. As with each visit I was pleasantly surprised to find a very peaceful and relaxing environment as soon as I walked in the door. I have never felt rushed, or part of an assembly line of customers. There was always a few minutes of chat before, to see how I was feeling or if there were any areas of concern. And the same chat after the massage, to get feedback and offer tips to use at home - like stretches and diet. I always felt like the staff at Bardos were professional, courteous, and genuinely cared about my wellness.

I also scheduled an Ashiatsu massage with Jaime a few weeks ago, which I highly recommend to anyone!

Regarding the massage experience, I have nothing but completely positive experiences with Jenni and Jamie. The rooms are always ready and comfortable, right temperature, clean linens, comfortable massage tables. I'm guessing this would be common with most massage places, but it's the personal service and pleasantries at Bardos that would be pretty tough to beat. I always leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated - and it lasts. 

Based on all of my visits, I found it well worth it to purchase a membership at Bardos. You can review the website for information...but it certainly pays for itself with member pricing - and exclusive deals. 

I have had wonderful experiences with Bardos, and they strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction. My quality of life has increased since visiting that first time. I'm feeling less tension and stress, my body has less fatigue, and I'm sleeping better. They offer several techniques and services, all of which are top quality and shows their years of experience.

I hope my review has helped you better understand the Bardos experience, and I'm confident you will not be disappointed.

Alex Keisch 
Richmond, Va


"I've tried a dozen massage therapists with various Groupons until I found Jamie at Bardos Massage. I would rather pay her full price and receive value for my money than pay a bargain price/discount elsewhere and wish I hadn't. THE BEST! Highly recommend to friends and relatives."