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 This amazing modality is revolutionizing the way we look at massage, soft tissue manipulation and treatment of chronic and acute illnesses or injuries.  The nature and wisdom of the vacuum therapies has been around since Ancient Chinese Medicine and as early as Egyptian times in the form of cupping.   Modern Technology has enabled us to be able to harness this ancient healing technique and take it further into the health and medical fields.  This technique is so effective and groundbreaking, it is fully expected to be a common practice in massage clinics, physical therapy clinics and hospitals. 

The beauty of the practice lies in its ability to pull toxic substances out of soft tissues and into the lymph system.  Capillaries expand with the suction pressure and allow waste in the form of heat, bacteria, scar tissue and solid bloat to break apart and pass through the vascular system, ultimately cleansing the body on a cellular level.  This is amazing news for anyone suffering from chronic or acute illnesses, injuries, and auto-immune disorder and gastrointestinal disorders.  

 MediCupping opens cellular tissue to allow the lymph to flush as well as to better absorb vital minerals and nutrients.  Shoulder and neck pain from postural dysfunction can tax the body of its vitality leaving tissues dehydrated.  When these problems progress and are lived with over time, muscle tissue becomes more and more compact, dehydrated and depleted of nutrients needed to flush, hydrate and circulate through blood.  In pushing the muscle from the inside-out and expanding the tissues, MediCupping allows for hydration and an open lymph system. 


 Using Food as Medicine and adding a Tonic before or after your massage will optimize your treatments.  Your body is ready for hydration and restoration and should be honored and used Intelligently.  Consultations will guide you to the best Tonic for your needs.  The results are amazing, immediate and long lasting.  Scar tissue from injuries, surgeries and constrictions are pulled away from the bone like no other massage technique.  Tension is stripped from the body.  The techniques can be so gentle and effective.  

MediCupping is a natural nervous system depressant calming overactive nerves producing relief from chronic and acute illnesses.  Detox therapies with MediCupping is highly effective in it's ability to clear the system of debris.  Inherently when we detox the tissues, the body loses cravings by means of clearing the nicotine, food or other drug out of the body.  It also increases insulin production and helps the body in its metabolic process leading to faster and more efficient weight loss.  Combined with our  Food as Medicine program and Infrared Sauna Therapy and your body will be renewed and rejuvenated.

The MediCupping Community is adopting Firefighters, Police Officers and anyone under extreme physical and mental stress to help clear toxins and give them a sense of renewal.  Over active stress hormones and environmental pollutants from smoke, fires, drugs and food can take a toll on us emotionally and physically.  Firefighters whom inhale smoke can have literally brown residue come out of their skin after a few minutes of a session, clearing there body of the environments stresses they face every day.  One community member a month is given an opportunity to enjoy this outreach.  If you know of someone who could benefit from this and you would like to nominate him or her, please send me a letter why you think this person deserves to have this opportunity.

Pre and post surgery MediCupping Treatments are highly beneficial in helping the body's recovery time and ease of surgery.  Scar tissue and range of motion can immediately by improved in just one session.  Please see our Services Tab to learn more about our Pre and Post Surgery Treatments, MediFace Lifts, MediCupping Massage and MediCupping in our Detox Program for Body Contouring and Detox.

Body Contouring through MediCupping is a natural byproduct of flushing solid bloat and debris out of the system.  Use it specifically to give your body and face a non-surgical lift.  In conjunction with the Far Infrared Sauna and Body Wraps with Aromatherapy, 10-12 inches can be lost within a 4-8 week regimen.            Read further about the use of MediCupping and body contouring in an article written by the creator of ACE Massage Cupping and MediCupping therapies, Anita Shannon, in our Blog.  Go to the Massage Tab to view services and schedule an appointment.