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Far Infraed Sauna Therapy

     Far Infrared Sauna Therapy uses narrow bands of radiant energy to penetrate inches below the surface of your skin, giving you all the benefits of the sun and more, without the Ultra Violet rays.  Regular infrared sauna sessions lower blood pressure and increase energy levels when metabolism is raised, burning 400-700 calories per 30 minute session.  Weight loss and detoxification are just some of the amazing effects of this relaxing and meditative time.  Bring a book or read one of ours, meditate to our soothing spa music or bring what moves you, all in a safer and more comforting environment than traditional saunas.  You will not burn in the heat as in traditional saunas, but rather gently reach your desired and personalized temperature.  

     Starting at 120 degrees the sauna can be just as effective as the 140 degrees it is capable of reaching.  Energy efficient and clean, this Radiant Sauna is very low in emf emissions and adds only $4/month to an energy bill.  The private room offers space for physical therapy, strengthening and stretching needs. It is ideal for those needing a detox from heavy metals, those suffering from stress related ailments and auto-immune disorders.  This is great if you have been injured and work-outs are impaired, if you are trying to kick start a cleanse, or if you are just wanting a deep relaxation.  Packages are available for those needing a heavy metal detoxification and other needs that require a more aggressive approach.  As little as one session can have an anti-inflammatory effect and provide dramatic relief from arthritis.  Get your sweat on or keep the temperature low.  No matter what the temperature, the effects of the far infrared rays are working to bring you to a state of health and relaxation, a sauna experience like no other.  Choose which plan works best for you with our member and non-member options.

Single Rates


$140 Package of 5

$245 Package of 10

Couples Rates


$200 Package of 5

$375 Package of 10