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Fall Specials

Ashiatsu is a barefoot compression massage. Walking and stroking the back with the feet dates back to ancient times in Japan. Deep penetration and compression are possible in this intensely relaxing massage. Anyone can enjoy this special! Using oil and a mat therapist are able to hit hot spots and spend extra time on areas of need. Stretches are available upon request and can be done with ease with use of the mat. If you haven't tried this massage yet it is unforgettable!

Specialty Massages are 75min long treatments that come with the indulgence of your specialty modality, your 2 add-on choices and a complimentary 30min FIR Sauna OR Drink or Smoothie of your choice.  We are offering a new Signature Massage "Heiros Gamos".  This Signature Massage includes an Angelic Healing attunement into Source Energy for a rebalancing of your Infinite Potential for Love, Peace and Abundance.  This can be combined into any massage of your choice or indulge in a full 75min Light Ceremony.  

Choose from Reflexology Dream, Butterfly Wrap, Ashi Thai Way, Renew and Revitalize, MediBright Blossom or Hot Bamboo Recovery. Each of these targets an area of concentration that you would like to focus on. Reflexology is all about the feel good Head, Hands, and Feet. We will even massage the spine to complete this nervous system neutralizer and indulgent massage. Hot Bamboo is excellent for melting stress for the over stressed athlete who needs deep pressure and the relaxing warmth of the hot stones. We also have options that including MediCupping, our Butterfly Wrap, a MediBright Blossom facial treatment with Laser and MicoCupping.  We also offer the popular Ashi Thai Way as part of these Signature Treatments with a blend of Ashiatsu and Thai massage with all the best of cupping and an add on of your choice. Please see our menu for further explanation of all of our Signature Massages.

Massages can be used for Couples Massage Sessions or Gift Certificates. Expires One Year from purchase date.

One 75 Minute Ashiatsu Massage

One 75 Minute Signature Massage

One 105 Minute Ashiatsu Massage

Three 75 Minute Ashiatsu

Three 75 Minute Signature Massage

Three 105 Minute Ashiatsu Massage