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Specialty Massages   $120/75min  $155/105min

Ashiatsu Massage  

A fusion massage including Thai, Shiatsu and Ashiatsu or Barefoot massage.  Suspended by bars, the therapists can walk and glide on the body, providing deep compression and rolling techniques.  Body builders will love this massage!  Ashiatsu can penetrate deeply with the weight of the body being controlled by the suspended bars.  Thai techniques for the table techniques are used to stimulate Sen Lines and the body’s natural ability to heal itself for greater mobility and sense of well-being with gentle to intense stretches.  Traditional shiatsu thumb massage can target specific areas and be like percussion to the body.  This is used alongside with neuromuscular techniques when needed for chronic pain.  Offered for a couples session in the same room or privately.   

Thai Yoga Massage and Thai Couples Massage

Using a mat and comfortable clothing, Thai Yoga Massage uses stretches and massage techniques to soothe athletes, those working on flexibility and for those who would like to experience an ancient healing art .  Thai Yoga Massage can reach and worareas that may need more manipulation for release having the ability to release blockages and invigorate the body.  This amazing modality will leave you energetically charged and open.  While very relaxing, Thai Yoga Massage it is also extremely therapeutic.  Reflexology is used on the feet, hands and head as well as gentle Myofascial stretches and light to deep compression or pressure depending on your preference or needs.  Offered for a couples session in the same room or privately.