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Astragalus Elderberry Rosehips Tincture


Astragalus root is a TCM herb used for protection from mental and physical stresses. Aiding in lung health for those suffering from Asthma as well as protecting your heart, astragalus is an adaptogenic herbal powerhouse.

High Vit C content in Rosehops supports these functions with tissue repair and intinflammatory responses. Caretenoids, flavonoids and polyphenol content make Rosehips an anitoxidant rich disease and cancer preventative. It is also a diuretic helping the body to eliminate and detoxify.


Elderberry praises it's ability to lower the duration of flus and colds, stabilize blood sugar. Used in ancient Egypt and Greece we now know the benefits are in part from anthocyonin, the purple antioxidant powerhouse pigment. Elderberry is known to lower blood sugar, support allergy and sinus relief.


This combination in short is great for Immunity, Lungs, Heart and the mental and physical stresses of living. Let mother earth care for you when you need her. Her intelligence is infinite and divine.

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