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Reach Your Health Goals in 2019 with the 5-R's Method

Posted on February 5, 2019 at 1:40 PM

Last night I was listening to a video from John Assaraf (a behavioral and mindset expert) and he described this 5-R method for overcoming a problem that you may have from past fears or disappointments. I believe this method can set you up for success when you want to achieve a health goal, change a belief or reach a desired outcome that you envision for yourself.

When we set new health goals especially for the new year, we look at old failures and recall how we did not achieve them the years before. This sets us up to doubt ourselves. Also this can set us up to fear future change. If we expect losing weight or giving up our favorite foods will be difficult and cause us distress, we tend to make excuses and give up on our goals even before we make them.

This 5-R Method will help you create a framework to create a new thought patterns, gain confidence and retrain your bran for success! Let's get started.

The first R stands for Recognize. Become aware of your thought patterns. When you think of your new goal, recognize the negative thoughts or emotions that you have. Write them down so that your conscious mind is aware of these recurring thoughts. Getting these thoughts out on the table will help you see them and take action on each one to determine if it is helping you grow and succeed or if it is holding you back from achieving your goals.

The second R stands for Respond. Instead of reacting to these thoughts you can analyze these thoughts to see if they are helpful or hurtful. "Can I change this thought around". "How does this thought make me feel". "Can I change anything about this thought that is destructive".

The third R stands for Reframe. When you categorize a thought to be unhelpful or makes you feel fearful, ask yourself "how can I look at this from a different perspective". An example would be, If I was told as a young adult that I was fat and unattractive, what does that mean to me" Surely not everyone that sees me thinks this. "Could I be projecting this fear onto others and assuming that everyone thinks of me in this way?" Take each thought and look at it from a different point of view. We often perceive things to be worst than they are based on past negative experiences.

The fourth R stands for Release. When you have a destructive thought or an unpleasant emotion, can you release it? Meditation is one way to release these thoughts. When we sit in thought while meditating, we can observe our thoughts and control whether to keep this thought/emotion or to let it pass. Are you willing to let this thought pass to make room for positive thoughts that will serve you and help motivate you to reach your goal?

The last R stands for Retrain. Now that you have released unhelpful emotions and experiences, you want to retrain your brain to have different thought patterns, different responses to unwanted emotions and create new behaviors that will lead you to success. This changes the patterns in your brain so that the unhelpful thoughts come less and less. Each time you go through this process these negative thoughts and emotions have less power and new helpful thoughts develop to grow your confidence, lift your spirit and motivate you to reach your desired goals.

This process will help you take control of your thoughts and emotions and unleash the greatness that you have inside of you. You are the creator of your world so shape it as you wish. I give you much love this new year and I believe in your power that you have within you.

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