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Conscious Living

Posted on November 15, 2018 at 11:20 AM

Conscious Living

Conscious Living is so important when making shifts in our bodies and energy bodies. Conscious Living is when we truly make a choice, to the best of our ability, in alignment with your desires, hopes and dreams. If we haven't clarified lately which direction we'd like to go in, maybe it is a good time to start to peel back the layers of possibilities, habits already in place, and start to make choices based on things that truly resonate with our spirit.

I love the word resonance because it is a very non tangible but highly understood concept. It pulls us into this idea of alignment, balance and a enjoyment together in a way we can step out of our daily routine and look at the bigger picture, the energy behind our actions and intentions.

To clarify our habits and behaviors, to modify them to resonate, calls for a reorganization. When that happens things can get messy! We often times need to pull everything out of the closet first and put back only what is serving us. When I do my chanting sometimes the sounds coming out of my body can be abrasive, but inevitably after some time, my voice, my body, my vibration falls into resonance.

The point here is that when we are searching for peace within our bodies, flexibility, breath and joy, sometimes things can get a little messy before they get better. Ease into the chaotic shifts and know that the Mountain Peak is just ahead. Often times when I am teaching someone how to stretch I explain the arcs of sensation that come intensely and then subside. Don't be afraid of a little bit of sesation, a little bit of messy, it's part of the process of letting go and stepping into our New Bodies.

Using our beautiful ability to tune our vibration, to visualize how we would like to feel, is our great power and birth right. Use your power of imagination to feel your goals, to see your dreams. Be patient and be kind to yourself and your journey, and your joyful, flexible spirit and body will blossom like a flower.


As the Fall Equinox approaches, may we all be reminded of the beauty that lies underneath all of our efforts and striving, the beauty of letting go and going inward. We will now be embarking on a long journey through Fall and Winter into the secret places of our hearts, bodies spirits and souls. A beautiful journey inward.

If we are quiet, if we surrender and allow the subtle ques of the body and spirit to become a path, we will be able to find a resonance in our daily, weekly and monthly habits that truly resonate with bodies and spirit. Ask yourself the right questions, and give yourself the honor and space that you deserve.

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