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Non Judgment and Non Duality

Posted on October 12, 2018 at 11:40 AM

Fall is here and it is a continuous reminder of the freedom of letting things go.

Non duality and non judgment in practice is watching the thoughts, experiences, and things in your life pass without attaching your attention to the label of these things. Like a leaf falling to the ground we become the infinite wind the leaf dances through. The abilities we have, the status we hold, the restrictions and the pain, they can just be. Our true nature is beyond the story that surrounds us, beyond the emotions that fill us. We can begin to rest in the bliss of non attachment and simply be, in peace.

When we continue to allow the thoughts to pass in non attachment, the stillness that lies within reveals it's true beauty and brilliance. It is a death of some kind, completely letting go. The search for an Infinite Wisdom is inherent, the idea that something isn't quit right the way things are. These are signs that your beautiful suffering is ready to allow the Infinite Source within to begin to heal. It can supply us with a renewable, sustainable state of bliss.

Our energetic feeding on each other, the Earth, the race to the top, is not sustainable. It inevitably will end in exhaustion and sickness. When as a human race we learn to find our strength from within, this will mirror into the consciousness at large and express itself in sustainable energy for the world. Acknowledge the Source within by letting go of the world around you and by going in. Let go of the projection and go to the one doing the projecting.


If you want to see our evolution moving into peace, it MUST start within.

Begin with small steps every day.

Excersise #1

Close your eyes.

Allow your breath to slow, taking slightly deeper inhales and longer exhales.

Allow everything to settle and to pass with out thought or judgement.

Anything that arises, love and let go.

Excersise #2

Find a comfortable spot in nature or anywhere that is comfortable.

Begin to watch, hear, and observe the world around you.

Any thoughts of "that is a bird" or "I hear a sound", begin to let go. Allow these thoughts to pass as you begin to take any meaning and significance away from them.

Acknowledge the observer and even let that go.

These exercises take time and patience. But they can clear the heart and mind long enough to allow for an experience of Source Energy. The One behind the curtain. This state can be your sustainable energy, intelligence, bliss and peace.

There is a wonderful app that can help your practice. It is called "A Course in Miracles". I highly suggest a daily practice like this one. If you haven't created a Sacred Space within your home begin to think about where you can create this. Sacred Space truly is within, but having this outer representation can be helpful especially when your inner work is accompanied by your stretching routines.

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