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Why you need Pilates!

Posted on August 21, 2018 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (22)

Why you need Pilates 

There is so much action and stimulation in our daily activities. Just a friendly reminder to take a breath and find your Light Body within for a lighter more carefree you. There is always more space for freedom in your body, mind and soul. I'd like to pass on some information that I have recently rediscovered and I am thrilled to pass on.

As many of you know I use to me a professional Ballet Dancer and Teacher. It was grueling and exhilarating and I learned more about my body than I could have dreamed. While the physical body is only part of the picture, I am learning it's significance as an incredible healing tool for chronic pain.

My High Raw Vegan Lifestyle isn't perfect but I will admit I eat pretty damn good and give my body plenty of Living Foods, Fasts and fresh fruits and veggies full of fiber and antioxidants. I feel confident that this part of my life is being tended to regularly and with care. Yet I still struggle with Chronic Pain.

Doctors recommend Vit C and Primrose or some sort of Fatty Acid for pain. The Omega's coat the cells and allow for better absorption of all Vitamins and Minerals as well as Brain Function. Vit C reapirs tissue.  I load up on it with fresh lime and Camu Camu and Raw Cacao. I am a powerhouse of sprouts and all things Super. So why do I still have pain?

I also feel as though my spiritual disciplines have been nourished with my recent Angelic Sekhem Practitioner Certification. I am committed to my development as a soul, light body and feel this never ending romance with the Divine is one of my greatest gifts in life.  Divinity Heals me in ways nothing else can.

So when my belly is vibrant and my mind is attuned, what then could be missing and causing my chronic pain? I think the answer is truly simple and understood by most hard working Souls in this world. Repeated stress at work, occupational stress.  This is undeniably a factor we cannot ignore. While changing postural habits while working is key, sometimes there is not much you can do when in surgery, welding metal, or trying to reach that part underneath the hoot.  There is another missing link that could really change the way you literally move through life......

It's Pilates!

I have a highly active lifestyle of doing all the things I love to do, Biking, Boxing, Zumba, Yoga, Weight Lifting. But none of these address my "core" issues, pun intended, of my chronic pain. In working with some of the best in the field of Physical Therapy I have come full circle and learned once again it all comes from your core!

Pilates has a simply brilliant way of lengthening and strengthening your core, stretching, aligning and massaging your spine, and opening the chest for the absolute best posture around.  I use to do this religiously as a dancer for cross training.

There's not much you can do as a dancer that won't bulk your muscles up too much or be a potential threat of injury. Swimming and Pilates were about the only cross training we were allowed to do.  Back then I was younger, and wasn't in Chronic Pain, and I didn't appreciate the enormous benefits I was getting from a 3xs/week practice.  I led a children's program at a dance studio that also specialized in Pilates.  I was there exposed to the reformer, cadillac, the ring and much more! 

Pilates was originally made for one on one sessions, for the student to work directly with a trained teacher.  Technique is critical in Pilates and is integral in creating support for your spine, flexibility in the spine and learneing to engage all the right core muscles without strain or pain.  You really need to work with someone if you want to get to know your body, learning to zip tight all the right places, while learning to lengthen and stretch others.  

I have rediscovered my new love and I want you all to have access and knowledge of this opportunity to begin to find your alignment naturally with strength, flexibility and grace. There are so many studios in Richmond and many of them used to be colleagues and dancer friends of mine from Richmond Ballet, Latin Ballet of Virginia and Dog Town Dance.   I am dedicating 15-20min 3-4xs a week to these simple exercises to help correct my posture and ease my chronic pain.

I personally am doing an online program called Pilatesology since I have had instruction all throughout my life. I do hope to find a studio soon that I can pop into once a week to make sure my alignment is up to par and I am going in the right direction. I also am doing another online program called Daily Burn. They have a fantastic Pilates Program as well as Yoga, Strength and Cardio.

I would encourage you to look into finding a program with a one on one instuctor.  Going to a studio and getting direct instruction is invaluable and something you can take with you for the rest of your life. Pilatesology, an online program with a nice app as well. It has exercises for specific issues such as neck pain, lower back pain etc. Once you have been trained you can take your skills home and look into these online programs.

My neck pain is diminishing through strengthening and aligning. Something that needs to be done systematically by brilliant minds who understand the body. Pilates is that form!

Thanks for reading and I hope you look into this healing modality unlike any other!

Pilates Studios 

Core Pilates Of Richmond (804-819-0900)

Richmond Pilates (804-300-0814)

Balance Pilates Training Center (804-340-1203) ;

Online Pilates 

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Pilatesology allows you to take Pilates mat and apparatus classes in the comfort of your own home or wherever life takes you.

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a wonderful and magical journey in the world of pilates!

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