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The Benefits of Castor Oi on Our Muscles

Posted on February 5, 2019 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (37)

Castor oil is an amazing natural oil that has many holistic uses. You may have heard your grandmother say to drink Castor oil if you have a backed up GI tract. Today we mostly use castor oil to induce labor, for muscle cramps or hyper-tonic muscles. Castor oil is thankfully used externally for these purposes.


So what exactly is Castor oil?




Castor oil comes from the beans of a perennial flowering plant called Ricinus Comminus. The beans are pressed into an oil. Castor oil is a triglyceride of fatty acids. Approximately 90% of its fatty acid content is made up of ricinoleic acid. Ricinoelic acid has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Ricinoleic acid can also be effective in preventing the growth of viruses, bacteria, yeasts and molds.




There are many helpful uses for castor oil but the main benefit that I want to discuss is the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Many of us have achy, tense or sore hands from time to time. This pain can be attributed to long periods of gripping tightly, typically from holding a racket, golf club, long periods of typing, jobs that require large amounts of hand dexterity etc. These forces and activities of overuse aggravate the muscles and tendons in your hand, wrist and forearm creating inflammation and tension.




We use our hands everyday so finding time to rest them for more than the time we sleep is hard to come by. The muscles and tendons need to let nutrients and blood flow freely to help the healing process. When we receive trauma to our muscles, they tense and tighten inhibiting adequate flow of these essential nutrients. Also prohibiting the lymphatic flow which removes waste trough the circulatory system.




Castor oil is known to have a significant increase in the production of lymphocytes (disease-fighting cells of the immune system). With the anti-inflammatory properties to relieve muscle swelling, in addition to the increased lymphatic flow, pain and tension is greatly reduced, giving adequate relief as well as starting the healing process.




By rubbing a dime size amount on the hands before bed can greatly help relieve and prevent pain and tension.



Why Do I Feel Sore After Strenuous Exercise?

Posted on February 5, 2019 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

We all know that exercising can leave our muscles feeling sore and stiff. The question is WHY? Why do my muscles feel achy and sore to the touch. How come I am stiff in the morning getting out of bed?

Here is why:

Muscles need energy

Our body produces energy to sustain extended periods of muscle exertion. Our body needs oxygen to perform this process which is called aerobic respiration.

This process is done by converting glucose (sugar) into pyruvate (an organic acid that supplies energy to living cells). This is done when aerobic activity is present. Over the course of exercise, lactate or lactic acid is produced from pyruvate. In short, this chemical compound helps maintain energy production throughout the length of activity in which lactate concentration rises.

Imagine a camera inside of a beer cask that is in the fermentation stage. Initially it is just water, yeast and hops (or whatever else you throw in), then the carbohydrates and the yeast introduced begins to turn into alcohol. The longer it sits the more sediment builds and the cloudier it becomes. Then it is filtered out and we have a delicious brew.

But what if it wasn't filtered? This process applies to our muscles as well. If this sediment builds up in our muscles and is not removed, our muscles react accordingly. We get sore and stiff! Lactic acid is exactly that... an acid, it irritates the muscle fibers as well as putting the body through strenuous activity causing them to swell and stiffen.

Here is another analogy.... Imagine now that you are at your sink about to do the dishes. You have a sponge in one hand and a plate in the other covered in spaghetti sauce, but before you get the sponge wet you start to clean the plate. You will notice that the spaghetti sauce just smears around the plate, the sponge doesn't soak up the sauce and it just a bigger mess. This obviously is not cleaning the plate. Now, rinse the sponge under the running faucet and allow the clean and fresh water to saturate the dry sponge and flush out all the sauce and impurities it is holding. This analogy also applies to your muscles. Lactic acid build-up, impurities from chemicals, artificial dyes, and sediment settle in your muscles and need to be flushed out.

Here's how you can reduce the amount of impurities in your body to reduce muscle soreness and increase athletic performance:

Drink adequate amounts of water

We need water to flush out the muscles as does the sponge for cleaning. We need water for proper organ function and to clean the blood as well. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, even when not exercising.

You work diligently and may forget to drink water. Here is a way to help you stay hydrated at work.

Health Hack: Find a aesthetically pleasing bottle. Fill it with tap water and sit it on your desk in a in eyes view. When you look at it and your body is thirsty it will trigger you to think about drinking. Have another bottle with filtered water handy or get up and go to the water cooler. Taking a many small sips throughout the day can help give the body the hydration it needs to keep you functioning well.

Stretch Daily

The water we drink needs help flushing the muscles. Stretching contracts and elongates the muscle fibers to help excrete metabolic waste and pull in water, blood and needed nutrients for tissue repair. Stretching also helps keeps our joints and skeletal system healthy. Creating space between the joints allows the cartilage and bursa to stay healthy by allowing blood and bursa fluid to enter the joint space. This allows your joints to move freely without pain. The tighter your joints are, the less movement you have and you increase the risk of muscle injury.

Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is a great addition to your stretching routine. All you need is 5 minutes of rolling before exercise to stimulate blood flow and prepare the nervous system and 5 minutes after exercise to help stimulate waste elimination. Imaging pulling an inflated balloon on both ends away from each other. Then visualize someone compressing the balloon from the top and bottom. If this balloon was porous the air would start to seep out. Foam rolling compresses your congested muscle fibers and helps to excrete metabolic waste.

Call and ask about my personalized foam rolling class to show you how to use the foam roller properly for your best recovery.

Regular Sports Massage, Thai or Shiatsu

Getting Sports Massage sessions regularly:

Re-balances postural misalignment that contributes to hip, knee and foot pain.

Improves waste elimination to minimize muscle soreness

Improves joint health

Increases flexibility

Facilitates faster tissue healing

Increases athletic performance.

These are just a few benefits from Sports Massage. Regular communication between your nervous system, muscle and fascial systems will help your body run optimally and move better in your sport and in everyday life activities.

Thai and Shiatsu Massage is a compression therapy that can help eliminate waste and increase flexibility.

Give us a call to help you eliminate muscle and joint pain, help you move the way you were meant to move and play life at your best!

Reach Your Health Goals in 2019 with the 5-R's Method

Posted on February 5, 2019 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Last night I was listening to a video from John Assaraf (a behavioral and mindset expert) and he described this 5-R method for overcoming a problem that you may have from past fears or disappointments. I believe this method can set you up for success when you want to achieve a health goal, change a belief or reach a desired outcome that you envision for yourself.

When we set new health goals especially for the new year, we look at old failures and recall how we did not achieve them the years before. This sets us up to doubt ourselves. Also this can set us up to fear future change. If we expect losing weight or giving up our favorite foods will be difficult and cause us distress, we tend to make excuses and give up on our goals even before we make them.

This 5-R Method will help you create a framework to create a new thought patterns, gain confidence and retrain your bran for success! Let's get started.

The first R stands for Recognize. Become aware of your thought patterns. When you think of your new goal, recognize the negative thoughts or emotions that you have. Write them down so that your conscious mind is aware of these recurring thoughts. Getting these thoughts out on the table will help you see them and take action on each one to determine if it is helping you grow and succeed or if it is holding you back from achieving your goals.

The second R stands for Respond. Instead of reacting to these thoughts you can analyze these thoughts to see if they are helpful or hurtful. "Can I change this thought around". "How does this thought make me feel". "Can I change anything about this thought that is destructive".

The third R stands for Reframe. When you categorize a thought to be unhelpful or makes you feel fearful, ask yourself "how can I look at this from a different perspective". An example would be, If I was told as a young adult that I was fat and unattractive, what does that mean to me" Surely not everyone that sees me thinks this. "Could I be projecting this fear onto others and assuming that everyone thinks of me in this way?" Take each thought and look at it from a different point of view. We often perceive things to be worst than they are based on past negative experiences.

The fourth R stands for Release. When you have a destructive thought or an unpleasant emotion, can you release it? Meditation is one way to release these thoughts. When we sit in thought while meditating, we can observe our thoughts and control whether to keep this thought/emotion or to let it pass. Are you willing to let this thought pass to make room for positive thoughts that will serve you and help motivate you to reach your goal?

The last R stands for Retrain. Now that you have released unhelpful emotions and experiences, you want to retrain your brain to have different thought patterns, different responses to unwanted emotions and create new behaviors that will lead you to success. This changes the patterns in your brain so that the unhelpful thoughts come less and less. Each time you go through this process these negative thoughts and emotions have less power and new helpful thoughts develop to grow your confidence, lift your spirit and motivate you to reach your desired goals.

This process will help you take control of your thoughts and emotions and unleash the greatness that you have inside of you. You are the creator of your world so shape it as you wish. I give you much love this new year and I believe in your power that you have within you.

Conscious Living

Posted on November 15, 2018 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (2)

Conscious Living

Conscious Living is so important when making shifts in our bodies and energy bodies. Conscious Living is when we truly make a choice, to the best of our ability, in alignment with your desires, hopes and dreams. If we haven't clarified lately which direction we'd like to go in, maybe it is a good time to start to peel back the layers of possibilities, habits already in place, and start to make choices based on things that truly resonate with our spirit.

I love the word resonance because it is a very non tangible but highly understood concept. It pulls us into this idea of alignment, balance and a enjoyment together in a way we can step out of our daily routine and look at the bigger picture, the energy behind our actions and intentions.

To clarify our habits and behaviors, to modify them to resonate, calls for a reorganization. When that happens things can get messy! We often times need to pull everything out of the closet first and put back only what is serving us. When I do my chanting sometimes the sounds coming out of my body can be abrasive, but inevitably after some time, my voice, my body, my vibration falls into resonance.

The point here is that when we are searching for peace within our bodies, flexibility, breath and joy, sometimes things can get a little messy before they get better. Ease into the chaotic shifts and know that the Mountain Peak is just ahead. Often times when I am teaching someone how to stretch I explain the arcs of sensation that come intensely and then subside. Don't be afraid of a little bit of sesation, a little bit of messy, it's part of the process of letting go and stepping into our New Bodies.

Using our beautiful ability to tune our vibration, to visualize how we would like to feel, is our great power and birth right. Use your power of imagination to feel your goals, to see your dreams. Be patient and be kind to yourself and your journey, and your joyful, flexible spirit and body will blossom like a flower.


As the Fall Equinox approaches, may we all be reminded of the beauty that lies underneath all of our efforts and striving, the beauty of letting go and going inward. We will now be embarking on a long journey through Fall and Winter into the secret places of our hearts, bodies spirits and souls. A beautiful journey inward.

If we are quiet, if we surrender and allow the subtle ques of the body and spirit to become a path, we will be able to find a resonance in our daily, weekly and monthly habits that truly resonate with bodies and spirit. Ask yourself the right questions, and give yourself the honor and space that you deserve.

Non Judgment and Non Duality

Posted on October 12, 2018 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (1)

Fall is here and it is a continuous reminder of the freedom of letting things go.

Non duality and non judgment in practice is watching the thoughts, experiences, and things in your life pass without attaching your attention to the label of these things. Like a leaf falling to the ground we become the infinite wind the leaf dances through. The abilities we have, the status we hold, the restrictions and the pain, they can just be. Our true nature is beyond the story that surrounds us, beyond the emotions that fill us. We can begin to rest in the bliss of non attachment and simply be, in peace.

When we continue to allow the thoughts to pass in non attachment, the stillness that lies within reveals it's true beauty and brilliance. It is a death of some kind, completely letting go. The search for an Infinite Wisdom is inherent, the idea that something isn't quit right the way things are. These are signs that your beautiful suffering is ready to allow the Infinite Source within to begin to heal. It can supply us with a renewable, sustainable state of bliss.

Our energetic feeding on each other, the Earth, the race to the top, is not sustainable. It inevitably will end in exhaustion and sickness. When as a human race we learn to find our strength from within, this will mirror into the consciousness at large and express itself in sustainable energy for the world. Acknowledge the Source within by letting go of the world around you and by going in. Let go of the projection and go to the one doing the projecting.


If you want to see our evolution moving into peace, it MUST start within.

Begin with small steps every day.

Excersise #1

Close your eyes.

Allow your breath to slow, taking slightly deeper inhales and longer exhales.

Allow everything to settle and to pass with out thought or judgement.

Anything that arises, love and let go.

Excersise #2

Find a comfortable spot in nature or anywhere that is comfortable.

Begin to watch, hear, and observe the world around you.

Any thoughts of "that is a bird" or "I hear a sound", begin to let go. Allow these thoughts to pass as you begin to take any meaning and significance away from them.

Acknowledge the observer and even let that go.

These exercises take time and patience. But they can clear the heart and mind long enough to allow for an experience of Source Energy. The One behind the curtain. This state can be your sustainable energy, intelligence, bliss and peace.

There is a wonderful app that can help your practice. It is called "A Course in Miracles". I highly suggest a daily practice like this one. If you haven't created a Sacred Space within your home begin to think about where you can create this. Sacred Space truly is within, but having this outer representation can be helpful especially when your inner work is accompanied by your stretching routines.

If you'd like more information please respond to this email or book a" target="_blank">Spiritual Mentorship Session. We offer free monthly meditation classes as well.

Events coming up on the 27th October:" target="_blank">Light Body Meditation 4 -6pm" target="_blank">Raw Food Potluck 6-8pm

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Check out our new" target="_blank">UltraSonic Slimming Sessions. No surgery, no downtime, no scarring. Take a look at the videos and get more information on pricing and what are the benefits of this new technique! As mentioned before we will include this new weight-loss program as part of our "Heiros Gamos" Detox Program. Be sure to check out the link as well for more information

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Jamie LaNeave, CMT, Owner/Operator

Food as Medicine Health Coach

Certified MediCupping Practioner

Certified Advanced Ashiatsu Practioner

Certified Thai Massage and Energy Medicine Practitioner

804 672-3489



Why you need Pilates!

Posted on August 21, 2018 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (22)

Why you need Pilates 

There is so much action and stimulation in our daily activities. Just a friendly reminder to take a breath and find your Light Body within for a lighter more carefree you. There is always more space for freedom in your body, mind and soul. I'd like to pass on some information that I have recently rediscovered and I am thrilled to pass on.

As many of you know I use to me a professional Ballet Dancer and Teacher. It was grueling and exhilarating and I learned more about my body than I could have dreamed. While the physical body is only part of the picture, I am learning it's significance as an incredible healing tool for chronic pain.

My High Raw Vegan Lifestyle isn't perfect but I will admit I eat pretty damn good and give my body plenty of Living Foods, Fasts and fresh fruits and veggies full of fiber and antioxidants. I feel confident that this part of my life is being tended to regularly and with care. Yet I still struggle with Chronic Pain.

Doctors recommend Vit C and Primrose or some sort of Fatty Acid for pain. The Omega's coat the cells and allow for better absorption of all Vitamins and Minerals as well as Brain Function. Vit C reapirs tissue.  I load up on it with fresh lime and Camu Camu and Raw Cacao. I am a powerhouse of sprouts and all things Super. So why do I still have pain?

I also feel as though my spiritual disciplines have been nourished with my recent Angelic Sekhem Practitioner Certification. I am committed to my development as a soul, light body and feel this never ending romance with the Divine is one of my greatest gifts in life.  Divinity Heals me in ways nothing else can.

So when my belly is vibrant and my mind is attuned, what then could be missing and causing my chronic pain? I think the answer is truly simple and understood by most hard working Souls in this world. Repeated stress at work, occupational stress.  This is undeniably a factor we cannot ignore. While changing postural habits while working is key, sometimes there is not much you can do when in surgery, welding metal, or trying to reach that part underneath the hoot.  There is another missing link that could really change the way you literally move through life......

It's Pilates!

I have a highly active lifestyle of doing all the things I love to do, Biking, Boxing, Zumba, Yoga, Weight Lifting. But none of these address my "core" issues, pun intended, of my chronic pain. In working with some of the best in the field of Physical Therapy I have come full circle and learned once again it all comes from your core!

Pilates has a simply brilliant way of lengthening and strengthening your core, stretching, aligning and massaging your spine, and opening the chest for the absolute best posture around.  I use to do this religiously as a dancer for cross training.

There's not much you can do as a dancer that won't bulk your muscles up too much or be a potential threat of injury. Swimming and Pilates were about the only cross training we were allowed to do.  Back then I was younger, and wasn't in Chronic Pain, and I didn't appreciate the enormous benefits I was getting from a 3xs/week practice.  I led a children's program at a dance studio that also specialized in Pilates.  I was there exposed to the reformer, cadillac, the ring and much more! 

Pilates was originally made for one on one sessions, for the student to work directly with a trained teacher.  Technique is critical in Pilates and is integral in creating support for your spine, flexibility in the spine and learneing to engage all the right core muscles without strain or pain.  You really need to work with someone if you want to get to know your body, learning to zip tight all the right places, while learning to lengthen and stretch others.  

I have rediscovered my new love and I want you all to have access and knowledge of this opportunity to begin to find your alignment naturally with strength, flexibility and grace. There are so many studios in Richmond and many of them used to be colleagues and dancer friends of mine from Richmond Ballet, Latin Ballet of Virginia and Dog Town Dance.   I am dedicating 15-20min 3-4xs a week to these simple exercises to help correct my posture and ease my chronic pain.

I personally am doing an online program called Pilatesology since I have had instruction all throughout my life. I do hope to find a studio soon that I can pop into once a week to make sure my alignment is up to par and I am going in the right direction. I also am doing another online program called Daily Burn. They have a fantastic Pilates Program as well as Yoga, Strength and Cardio.

I would encourage you to look into finding a program with a one on one instuctor.  Going to a studio and getting direct instruction is invaluable and something you can take with you for the rest of your life. Pilatesology, an online program with a nice app as well. It has exercises for specific issues such as neck pain, lower back pain etc. Once you have been trained you can take your skills home and look into these online programs.

My neck pain is diminishing through strengthening and aligning. Something that needs to be done systematically by brilliant minds who understand the body. Pilates is that form!

Thanks for reading and I hope you look into this healing modality unlike any other!

Pilates Studios 

Core Pilates Of Richmond (804-819-0900)

Richmond Pilates (804-300-0814)

Balance Pilates Training Center (804-340-1203) ;

Online Pilates 

Pilates Anytime‎

Over 2,800 Pilates Workout Videos. Deepen Learning With Top Teachers! Inspire A Home Practice. Over 500 Reformer Classes. New Classes Added Daily. Take Over 2,800 Classes. Better Your Practice. Shows: Barre Fusion, Stretching, Meditation, Restorative, Beginner, Advanced, Basics.

Gaia Online Pilates Classes‎

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Pilatesology allows you to take Pilates mat and apparatus classes in the comfort of your own home or wherever life takes you.

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a wonderful and magical journey in the world of pilates!

The Bardos Massage and Wellness Team

Jamie LaNeave, CMT, Owner/Operator

Food as Medicine Health Coach

Certified MediCupping Practioner

Certified Advanced Ashiatsu Practioner

Certified Thai Massage and Energy Medicine Practitioner

804 672-3489

Three Reasons to Schedule a Massage this Spring

Posted on March 27, 2018 at 8:20 AM Comments comments (81)

It is officially spring (although it might not feel like it quiet yet!). That means pollen swimming through the air is around the corner and so is an increase in spending time outdoors.

If you're feeling stiff and stagnant after our long and hard winter a massage can be greatly beneficial. Spring is the perfect time to start doing more activities outside and it can be hard if your body is tight and sore.

Massage is also wonderful for seasonal allergy relief! If you have sinus problems in the spring we offer a mini cold stone facial that can be added to any massage. This will help with puffiness as well as sinus drainage and pressure relief. 

Massage is also great for lifting your mood and decreasing stress! Massage increases your seratonin and dopamine levels and if the long winter has been hard on your psychologically massage is a wonderful way to start healing!

Plants for Oxygen Production in the Home

Posted on March 20, 2018 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (8)

Our homes are our sanctuaries- the place we go for relaxation and wellbeing. So, let's talk about the air quality in homes. Unfortunately the stagnant air in a home is often riddled with pollutants that have no way out. Outside of opening all the windows and letting the breeze run through your home what can you do to create more oxygen in the home? Indoor plants!

Plants absord some of the pollutants found within the home at the same time that they take in CO2. Then through photosynthesis the plants emit O2, helping to purify the stagnant air. The microbes found in the potting soil of the plant are also responsible for purifying the air. Below I will give some examples of the best plants to have in the home and what they are responsible for removing from the air. 

Snake Plant

Removes: benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene and toluene.
Produces O2 at night and is best placed in the bedroom. 

Peace Lily

Removes: ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene

Money Tree

Removes: benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and toluene
Keep away from pets and small children as the leaves can be toxic is eaten.

English Ivy
Removes: airborne fecal matter, toxins related to smoking cigarettes in the home

Bamboo Palm
Removes: benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene
Best placed next to furniture or things in the home that emit formaldehyde

This last image gives you a list of NASA's recommended home plants:

Heart Openers for Desk Workers

Posted on March 13, 2018 at 8:10 AM Comments comments (1)

So many of us are tethered to a desk for work and posture doesn't get enough attention. If your upper back and neck are tight there are some move that can help counteract the effects of sitting for long periods. 

Cat and Cow - This pose helps open up the chest and also elongate the spine.

Cobra Pose- another wonderful chest opener. If you activate your traps it can also be a great back strengthener.

Pigeon Pose - This is great for your hips and psoas. If you need support simply put a small pillow or book underneath the hip.

FIsh Pose- Heart opener and throat opener. Great for neck pain.

Crescent Moon- This can be practiced seated at your desk or standing. It's not often that our side body gets stretched but it wonder for the ribs and neck. 

Camel Pose- a deep stretch for the low back and chest. It should be approached very slowly- there's no need to rush and touch your legs, the stretch is just as effective as shown in the second picture. 

Raw Vegan Cheesecake

Posted on March 6, 2018 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (4)

Like with regular cheesecake you only need to learn one recipe in order to have the ability to come up with a million variations. 

This recipe is super basic and can be manipulated in several ways. We will give you some suggestions! Enjoy!


1/2c pitted dates
1 cup walnuts (this can be substituted with any nut of choice except for cashews- pistachios, pecans, almonds or a mixture of all of them)


1.5 cups soaked cashews 
Juice of one lemon (or try lime!)
1/4 cup melted coconut oil (any liquid oil works here- toasted walnut or olive oil are also very nice)
1/2 cup coconut milk (canned or homemade! homemade is simply 1 cup of coconut flakes blended with 3-4cups of water)
1/4-1/2 cup maple syrup (honey, agave, and dates are also great substitutions)

Simply blend the crust ingredients together and press in a pie tin. Place in the freezer as you blend all of the filling ingredients together and then pour the filling on top of the crust. Place the final product in the freezer for at least 2 hours before serving. 


Blueberry- add 1/2 cup of freeze dried blueberries to the filling
Key lime - substitute lemon juice for key lime juice
Pumpkin- add 1 tsp pumpkin spice to crust and 1/2 cup pumpkin puree to the filling
Chocolate- add 3 tblsp of cacao nibs to the crust and 1/4-1/2 cup raw cacao to the filling
Vanilla bean- add 1 tsp vanilla to the crust and 2 scraped vanilla beans to the filing

What is your favorite cheesecake flavor? Let us help you recreate this classic into something more wholesome and healthy!