Practicing the art of Detox, Relaxation and Healing

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Universal Angelic Light Body Sekhem

A journey of the soul 

Healing Sessions

Dive into your spiritual nature, your light body, with meditations, activations and the healing energy of Sekhem, your Angels and Guides. Connect with Source energy and anchor in the fullness of your being.  Healing with the exploration your Akashic Records, your dimensional bodies, and discover what is in your heart.  Gain clarity and insights on your soul's path.  Above all learn the infinite nature of your soul's connection with Love.  Learn how your organ systems are connected to your energy fields and how to interact with them energetically for deep internal healing.  

90min Session - $85
Mentorship - $340 7hrs Instruction

Jamie's Gifts

Gained insights from past lives and access to her higher dimensional selve has allowed Jamie the ability to work with lineages from Tibet, Taoism, Shamanism, Angelic Realms and Egypt.  Extensive body work in dance, shape shifting, tantric breathing, the Diamond Body and Angel Sekhem Seichem as well as a spontaneous initiation into the Christed Consciousness Light Body has enabled her the ability to connect with higher realms on your behalf as well as into the Mother's Spirit of the Earth to move and clear deep wounds and patterns with Love and Light.

She will guide you to connect you to your own personal power and ability to connect to these realms truly empowering your spirit and soul to be fully embodied and present for joy and unlimited potential.

Join her for Healing Sessions for initiations and activations your soul has been longing for.  Liberation and freedom, ascension and clarity are possible.  Breathe in the Living Light and discover how it can change everything,

Group Healing Workshops