Practicing the art of Detox, Relaxation and Healing

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      We offer a wide variety of massage therapy to meet your highest expectations.  Neuromuscular Therapy, Ashiatsu and Thai massage are just some of the massages you can explore with us.  Enhance your treatments with Food as Medicine Tonics, Smoothies, Juices and supplements for a truly unique and specialized experience for you.

      The relaxing atmosphere of Bardos Massage and Wellness offers space for detox and self-care in our Far Infrared Sauna room where physical therapy, strengthening and stretching needs can be met along with the many benefits of the Far Infrared Sauna.  Detox from Lyme's disease, heavy metals and other toxins with narrow bands of radiant rays that mimic the sun and penetrate 3 inches below the surface of the skin for a deep cleanse without the harmful UV rays.  Sessions are invigorating and deeply healing and will leave your skin glowing and radiant.

     Far Infrared Sauna therapy is combined with Therapeutic Massage, MediCupping, detoxifying herbs, mushrooms, raw and living food, revitalizing minerals and lots of fresh mineralized and ionized water for a complete renewal of the body, inside and out.  Memberships allow for monthly treatments and great perks and rewards.  

     Wether it's reducing stress or slimming down, we have the atmosphere and support to meet your goals.  Monthly Meet-ups for Raw Food, Meditation and our UltraSonic Cavitation can be the answer you're looking for to slim down and tone up.  Combined with our Detox Program we can help you meet your mind, body and spirit goals to reach a state called "Heiros Gamus", Unity Within.