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 Raw Spirit Potluck

Come together to support each other in our health and wellness journey with this Raw Food Potluck.  We'll discuss health and well being while being encouraged to bring and taste new raw food dishes for mind, body and spirit.

Free with Love Offering in any amount.   Pre-register Today or walk-ins welcome.

Every 4 weeks starting Sat Oct. 21st, 2017 6PM-8PM

Light Body Meditation 

Join us in our journey, exploration and development of our Light Body.  Learn simple techniques to expand consciousness and to calm the body and mind in this 1 hour Class.  Explore different meditation techniques, stretches to prepare for meditation and breathing exercises to guide your meditation.   Every 4 weeks starting Saturday Oct. 21st, 2017 4PM-5PM.

Free with Love Offering in any amount.  Pre-Register Today or Walk-ins welcome!  

Group Therapy Sound Bath


Crystal Singing Bowls to soothe, clear and magnify the heart chakra's energy of abundance, love and appreciation.  

Pre-register here.

Massage Sampler Night

Enjoy different healing massage modalities in a relaxing, healthy and social atmosphere.  Enjoy raw juices, superfood shots and yummy raw food snacks while enjoying 15 min samplers of different healing modalites.  We will be offering a variety of massage while opening our Far Infrared Sauna Therapy room for you to enjoy at your leisure.  This is meant for a small group of 4-6 people as you travel from room to room sampling massages, pre-treatment                                               shots, post treatment smoothies and delicious freshly pressed juices.  

                                           Request a party by contacting via phone or email!

Food as Medicine Class

Learn Raw Living Food and natural herbs and Superfood techniques and recipes for a healthy lifestyle free from medications.  Learn substitutions, diet plans and superfood nutrition for optimum health.  Learn how to eradicate parasites naturally, beat a cold with herbs and fight an ear infection without having to see a doctor.  Take control of you and your family's health naturally!  Next event is Sept. 9th, 2017 2PM-4PM.

$45 Per Person and includes samples off our Food as Medicine Menu and Raw                                            Food Dishes/Salad/Desserts.  A full raw food and healthy alternative cooking meal                                        will be served after the class!  Enjoy, learn and eat!


                                        Pre-register here.

Couples Massage Workshop

Learn techniques to connect with your partner and make them feel great!  This fun workshop includes a hands on instruction on how to give an amazing, Thai Yoga massage to your friend or partner.  Give and receive a full 90min massage with Thai massage techniques, Shiatsu and Acupressure.  Learn how to ease their tension away and how to clue into hot spots to make them melt.  

                                             Pre-registration is required.  $75/person and includes a superfood healthy meal!  Next Session is  Sunday October 15th 1:30pm-7pm  Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing and bring a comfortable blanket!      Pre-register here!