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Quieting the Mind

Posted on June 24, 2015 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (9)

What is meditation? Deep thought? Incredible focus? Apparently meditation is just the practice of cultivating and attaining stillness of mind. Through mindful meditation practices monks and ordinary individuals claim they are able to release excess stress and tension and calm the incessant flow of negative thoughts and worries that plague almost everyone alive in our fast-paced consumer society today. We are bombarded with troublesome news stories, fashion advice, diet trends, celebrity lifestyles, movies, video games, apps, podcasts and the list goes on. How does one ever turn off the tap? Or even find peace? According to Neuroscientist Sara Lazar’s 2011 Tedx talk on meditation, almost every study done on the subject reveals people who practice yoga or meditation on a regular basis find they have way less stress, they are happier in their day to day lives, and experience greater cohesion in their relationships.

How is this possible? According To Lazar’s Studies the parts of the brain associated with fight or flight response or the sympathetic nervous system, particularly the amygdala, or fear center, would actually shrink even in people who had never meditated before after only 8 weeks of daily practice. Also the areas of the brain that govern emotional control, focus, and creativity were found to grow. The same as any muscle grows in response to physical activity.

What does this mean? Studies that corroborate the effectiveness of meditation at calming the mind are numerous and the evidence is clear that along with calming stress and quieting excess thoughts the immune system is also seen to experience a boost of performance as the body enters the parasympathetic nervous state during periods of meditation. The parasympathetic state or the “rest and digest” mode of our nervous systems is responsible for storing memories of daily events and moving nutrients and waste around the body as needed. Without the regular maintenance of this vital state we quickly become forgetful, tired, overweight, angry and stressed. However meditation is free medicine and can be practiced by anyone. It takes times to master but the benefits include being happier and even smarter, staying sharper into your old age, even losing weight, and above all elevating your mood.



More detailed instructions on the daily practice of meditation can be found here:

Blake Peterson, CMT

804 672-3489



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     The past few years I have been on a wild journey into health, wellness, detox and bodywork. I have changed so much. As many of you know I am constantly falling in love with a New perspective on massage and healing, detox and diet. I believe this is because I am constantly changing. My needs and desires, my intentions and my environment. I have gone from the technically advanced MediCupping training in Asheville, NC and RawFood Certification with David Wolfe to the energetic spiritual explorations of Thai Massage, Microcup Magnetic Therapy and Jin Shin Jyutsu at home. Each has brought with it it's own set of fear of unknowing. Like the first time I did MediCupping and saw red crop circles on my clients back that looked like my healing massage clinic had turned into my own personal torture chamber. The fun part was seeing him week after week and gradually the dark red almost purple spots were turning light red and pink. Beautiful! His physical and energetic work he explored himself attending yoga once a week was so amazing. He now attends 3-4 times a week and loves it! The pain he use to feel has diminished and regular massage helps ease what ever pain may linger. A far cry from the debilitating pain he was in a year ago. I am so grateful to have been able to be a conduit for his own journey into health and wellbeing and hope I can continue to assist many more in their journeys and explorations of health and wellness.


     I have recommend a lot of therapies and detoxes in the past and I have come to an understanding that all of these therapies, super foods, and energetic pathways are for one purpose, to raise you bodies intelligence and vibration.


     The daily stresses in life and pollutants all around us are major causes for autoimmune disorders, chronic pain and fatigue. This New idea has led me to almost fear the New world we live in. Constantly saying no to this food and that lifestyle, and buying this product and that. I felt as though I was running from a polluted environment I could never really hide from, no matter how clean I lived or how consciously I ate.


      I began reading a book called "Energy Medicine" and the author really opened my eyes to a concept I have heard about but never really fully embraced or understood. The primal world we were created from gave us the internal intelligence to fight certain diseases and abilities to survive within that environment. Our environment has changed so drastically and quickly in the past few decades, our bodies intelligence has not caught up with it yet. What we are experiencing with the New therapies, home remedies and super foods and herbs for health, is revolutionizing our unconscious minds, waking-up to our New intelligence needed to survive in this world. It is a natural adaptation to our new environment that is happening now, using 500 year old medicinal mushrooms, herbs and bodywork.


     This concept has freed me from the idea that we need to abandon this toxic world and seek refuge in the oasis of nature. I know I have the immune arsenal inside me to fight whatever comes. I have healed the healer so that I can help heal you. Tools are being given to us everyday to "survive" and "thrive" in this environment so that our bodies have the natural intelligence to live harmoniously with any environment, by creating a New environment for our inner selves.




      The major concept that keeps reoccurring in my explorations is the concept of space. Creating enough space within our bodies so that energy and life force can flow freely without constriction. The first sign of discomfort or dis-ease is a constriction of the cellular communication due to misinformation, stress, toxins and lack of space to complete a function. Cells start to contract and constrict, binding muscular sheaths, cellular membrane, and fascia. It is a kind of cellular cacoon our bodies regress into in order to preserve itself until change can occur. Pain patterns are created, energy flows are obstructed, and our bodies wait until a force is intelligent enough to separate us from what is no longer serving us into our unique ability to recalibrate and equalize. We are truly beautiful energetic beings who are inseparable from our environment yet have the ultimate tools from nature at our very finger tips to reconnect us with the balance of our bodies and the earth.


     There are forces of nature that have been given to us to be used to reorganize and give space and intelligence to our bodies. I believe it was our creators unique gift to all of us to create a world where consequences for our actions are truly necessary for life so that we may consciously live and communicate responsibly with nature and ourselves. A gift so great such as life can only be given to those who are like children, laughing, jumping, dancing and watching in awe as the forces of life ebb and flow in an organized abundance and a hidden intelligence. We must learn to communicate with this part of unconscious organization again. We must allow nature the ability to heal and nurture our bodies and spirits on a real and practical level as well as an ethereal and emotional level. Removing the debris from our bodies and fueling it with the live life force of nature with intelligence and intuition puts us in a place of "bardos". Our bodies have this ability to heal, the restrictions are lifted for a moment and blood can flow, chlorophyll and magnesium mixes with our own bloods chemistry and sparks a waking in our mind and a passage for that which no longer serves us to be swept away. We are reborn again and again, with every live food we consume. The food literally becomes apart of us and whatever intelligence it holds. We bring life into us when we allow old debris and cooked food the time it needs to escape and flush. The ancients and elders in every major religion observe fast days. What a truly spiritual time when our cellular structures are cleansed with the healing waters of a fast or water cleanse. Our once sluggish mind is awakened into intuition and clear thought. When it once held onto the many processes of digestion and the many particles assimilating in our body, now the body can flush and awaken to the space it has created, it can become self aware now that the veil on our cells as been lifted. Losing weight or stress is not merely a cosmetic journey into health but a very spiritual one as well. When you suddenly take away lbs of weight, years of stress and constriction, the inner child is reborn, light shines infinitely more brightly.


     The blood of plants, chlorophyll, is strikingly similar to our blood, only working from a magnesium stand point. Whereas our blood is flowing with iron. The more we fast and the longer we explore this idea of raw living foods feeding and giving life, the more I am no longer afraid of our environment. I have come to realize our true environment is internal, and energetically our vibrations can be raised to this place at any moment. We truly create our environment by what we consume and assimilate with, what we think, and how we perceive the world. To take a step back and realize that the suffering of the world is only relevant in how we then recreate it for ourselves and in turn reverberate and influence the world, gives me a .sense that yes something can be done, and it starts with me, it start with you


      Prayer is powerful, thought is powerful, and the intelligence and energy emitting all the time from the earth is astounding. Is your inner life clear to be able to receive these messages these energies from the earth? Do we even know how to tap into them?


     Finding your source of energy is a personal and a different experience for everyone. We all get charged in different ways. Yet food is a universal intelligence and a universal language. Through an intuitive and personal plan, we can take steps into cleansing our spiritual lives, our physical energies, one meal at a time, one day at a time.


     This is a struggle and a blessing. May every meal be an opportunity to heal and grow or simply maintain a peaceful equilibrium. I hope I can connect you with some of the beautiful attributes of some of these elemental energies so you can find new paths for healing as I do every day. With my raw food certification almost complete I am becoming more eager to share with you all the things I have learned. I am already getting anxious about what to do next, as I cannot still for long.

      I am making plans now for another nutrition course and an herbology course. All of these wonderful studies are so I can connect you better with what your body needs. Bardos will be hosting detox seminars where we can detox in a group meeting once a week for one to 6 weeks at a time. This could be a great way for you to meet people interested in health and wellness, and spirituality through fasting and detox. Packages and meeting times etc will be announced soon. Just in time for the new year.

Nano-Bacteria and Zeolites

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Nano-Bacteria and Zeolites


A pain-free life starts with renewing our cells. Shedding what no longer serves us, then putting into our body exactly what it needs for healing, repair and maximum potential. Sometimes it is a battle against internal pathogens, free radicals, bacteria, fungi or viruses. When this happens, Our Mother Nature is there to help. We just have to know what to look for in her huge beautiful matrix of Life!


Arthritis can be painful and debilitating. I see a lot of clients suffering from this asking for my help. In my search for answers, I found something amazing! First I needed to really understand arthritis and what is was. I found that it is actually a build-up of nano bacteria that hide in hard shells in places in the body that have been weakened due to injuries, repetitive movement, stress or nutritional deficiencies. These bacteria, even fungi and viruses, protect and hide themselves in shells made of calcium and other heavy metals. The emergence of the studies of bacteria and their relationship with the body has lead us into a new understanding of pain, disease, arthritis and treatment. Arthritis, bone spurs, emphysema, plaque on the teeth or brain, arteriosclerosis are just some of the symptoms of built up calcium and bacteria unable to flush properly out the body. DMSO and MSM have been known to reduce inflammation and renew cells by literally making them younger. But I found there is an even better way to cleanse the body of bacteria, fungi, viruses, heavy metals and pathogens, allowing the liver optimal function and the body in an alkalized state. A mineral compound called zeolite traps pathogens, carcinogens, bacterial toxins and mycotoxins, creating a clean healthy environment in the body. It holds the calcium and other heavy metals or pathogens in its web like structure. With the help of a flushing agent, zeolites takes them out the body to create an alkaline pH level where no disease can thrive. This is amazing! Not only will this natural compound clean your liver, but it will clean the calcium deposits, bone spurs, and all pathogens and carcinogens in the body! It is no wonder it has been called the most important vitamin or mineral you will ever take.


Zeolites are natural and safe. It is a mineral compound formed when molten lava meets sea water and volcanic ash. There is no overdose level of zeolites, FDA approved for anyone and it is even safe to take while pregnant. These are some of the amazing things zeolites can do:


•Trap viruses, bacteria, fungi, and acidic body conditions that promote and cause disease. •Detoxify the body of carcinogens (cancer-causing chemicals), toxic heavy metals (including mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and others)


•remove environmental toxins including polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), dioxins, furans, organochlorine insecticides, organophosphate insecticide metabolites, phthalates, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).


•Stop growth of malignant cells, halting the growth of tumors.


• Relief for IBS and Crohn's disease by reducing acid reflux and increasing absorption of nutrients in the body.


•Lower cholesterol


•Cleanse the liver of disease and poisoning.


•Reduces mercury levels in the brain.


•Clears arteries of calcium, combats arteriosclerosis.


•Arthritis is flushed as the calcium is cleansed and the body reaches a balanced pH level



While the zeolites trap the unwanted cells, the body needs help flushing the trapped cells and zeolites out the body. Garlic can literally be swallowed like a pill for a powerful flush, colloidal gold works with zeolite to magnetize and attract the pathogens and flush them, and the far infrared sauna is perfect to accompany this process for a deep and penetrating cleanse. Drink plenty of water on this cleanse to restore your hydration and help the expulsion of waste. 20-30 min a day in an infrared will speed the process and help alleviate immediate pain.


Adding supplements and raw juices to this regimen can tackle the deeply rooted sources of pain for CPPD or Pseudo-Gout, Arthritis, bone spurs and more.


Far Infrared Sauna Therapy Far Infrared Sauna Therapy and Massage are essential to kick start this process and help the tissues deep in your body begin to dispel the unwanted pathogens. With the body being 90% bacteria, good and bad, we are in a delicate dance with health. If you or someone you know is losing this battle, encourage them to find relief with far infrared sauna therapy, nutrition and massage. A better quality of life and a more active lifestyle can be achieved with regular lifestyle changes and use of the far infrared sauna. Infrared sauna therapy can help alleviate:




•Muscle Pain


•Weight Gain


•Chronic Pain




•Skin Aging






•Inner Ear Infection


•Joint Pain


•Chronic Fatigue


•Mercury Poisoning


•Lead Poisoning


•Body Detoxification


•Body Cleansing




•Heavy Metals


•Immune Enhancer


•Heart Disease


•Migraines & Headaches




Reduce the amount of pain you live with and enhance your quality of life with regular sessions. Coupled with massage and you have taken charge of your life! Make changes every day to better your health and understanding of your body. It is a journey worth taking. Any questions on how to get started with zeolites, raw food, or any cleanse, contact me anytime.




Jamie LaNeave, CMT

MediCupping by Anita Shannon

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By Anita Shannon




ACE Massage Cupping and MediCupping therapies are proving to be incredibly effective approaches to face and body contouring services. By creating suction and negative pressure these techniques are used to drain excess fluids and toxins, loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue, and bring blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin. This versatile method can easily be modified to accomplish a range of techniques, including lymphatic drainage.

One of the most amazing aspects of these techniques is the "separation" that the vacuum produces in tissue layers. This enables water absorption and renewed blood flow to dehydrated undernourished tissue, which is invaluable in body contouring treatments. Separation of tissue can be a huge catalyst for change as the body begins to eliminate chronic congestion and lymph becomes more fluid.



How is ACE Massage Cupping therapy accomplished? The cup is positioned over the area of the body to be treated and suction is created using a vacuum gun. The more traditional method involves inserting a flame into a glass cup to create the vacuum. The suction level can range from light to heavy, and the movements performed by the therapist can be stimulating or sedating.



What is the difference between ACE Massage Cupping therapy and Traditional Chinese Cupping Therapy? In Traditional Chinese Medicine, stationary cups are placed on the skin and left for a period of five to fifteen minutes. The goal of Chinese cupping therapy is to move stagnation of blood and chi, disperse internal heat, and other applications based on Traditional Chinese Medical diagnostics. Another technique is “moving cups”. In TCM, this is used to raise the “sha” to the surface when treating large areas. In Europe, stationary cupping is also used in the home on both adults and children for respiratory conditions. In many countries, cups are frequently found on pharmacy shelves and in home medicine cabinets for family use.




In ACE Massage Cupping, the practitioner will administer oil or lotion to facilitate smooth movement. The entire back may be treated, including the neck, shoulders, middle and lower back, and sacral area. The hip and thigh areas may also be treated, and abdominal Massage Cupping feels just incredible. The technique consists of specific movements and protocols to enable the therapist to easily facilitate change for the client!

What is MediCupping therapy?



This term describes the use of incredibly versatile mechanical equipment to perform techniques based on Massage Cupping practice and theory. This equipment is more appropriate for spas, medical spas, and medical offices. There are many reputable pieces OF equipment on the market today for face and body contouring, and the model used for MediCupping therapy has demonstrated a high level of efficacy due to design features that allow the practitioner to customize the therapy as well as document settings and results.


What are the benefits of ACE Massage Cupping and MediCupping therapies? The skin will turn pink with vigorous movements, indicating that the circulation has been brought to the surface. Application of topical products immediately after treatment will enable the absorption of the product deep into the tissue. The increased local blood supply to the muscles and skin will bring nourishment and allow for toxins to be carried away via the veins, making these therapies wonderfully effective as an addition to a massage, body treatment, or other therapeutic service.

An effective application of this technique is in the treatment of cellulite. A very light suction provides drainage, while heavier application can be used to stimulate circulation and loosen adhesions or “dimpling.” The body should be treated prior to a wrapping procedure to enhance the absorption of product. Clients enjoy the warm feeling of energized tissue being painted with soothing algae, mud or gel before being enveloped.



The ACE Massage Cupping and MediCupping techniques include a highly effective Face Lifting and Drainage Treatment and a Body Contouring Cocoon treatment. Difference can be seen and felt directly after the session, and should continue to progress for the next few days. The Face Lifting and Drainage Treatments have produced spectacular results that are often evident immediately after treating one half of the face. Each successive treatment on the face and body enables the lymphatic system to activate, and tissues to receive nourishment and hydration. What a great treatment program for pre- and post-operative conditions!



How does this therapy feel? The sensation is truly indescribable. People often experience deep warmth and a tingling sensation long after the treatment has ended. The action on the nervous system is sedating and people will often descend into a profound state of relaxation. The presence of a deep snore is common!

People often report that the experience stayed with them longer than most treatments, and the speed with which these therapies effect change in texture of the tissue is truly amazing. When used in a treatment series, the results are cumulative. Yet even in a single treatment, a long-term physical issue may be resolved. Applications for these techniques include body contouring, scar tissue treatment, pre-surgery prepping and post-surgery recovery (face and body), and more. Conditions that have responded well include edema, cellulite, spider veins and varicosities, weight loss issues, and many more.



What is the discoloration that occurs after some treatments? There is a "marked" difference between Traditional Chinese Cupping and the ACE Massage Cupping or MediCupping techniques. The marks that are commonly left from Chinese Medical treatments are the desired result. ACE Massage Cupping and MediCupping very rarely produce this discoloration, called a “cup kiss” or “doo-hickey.” If this appears during the treatment, it’s just an added bonus indicating release of intense stagnation of body fluid and toxins in the area. This is not a bruise and will dissipate anywhere between a few hours and a few days. It is also unlikely that it will re-occur in the same area.



Are ACE Massage Cupping and MediCupping therapies safe? These methods are used safely on children, adults and elderly persons. The most common misuse of these techniques is overuse. These are intense therapies, and impact on the body systems is significant. In particular, children, the elderly, persons with diabetes and those on blood thinners should be treated gently. After any ACE Massage Cupping or MediCupping treatment, it is important to avoid exposure to excessive heat or cold, and sufficient hydration is required to facilitate elimination. The practitioner must take a complete assessment of specific conditions at the time of treatment into consideration.



ACE Massage Cupping and MediCupping therapies are easy techniques to do, but they are not simple. To achieve maximum results safely, training is required. Workshops, educational DVDs and manuals are available. A great way to determine if this therapy is appropriate for your business is to schedule a treatment for yourself. Be sure to check that the practitioner is certified in these modalities for the best experience, or visit a booth at a national convention for a demonstration!



Treat your clients to an effective and pleasurable way to regain a

healthy appearance and feeling of vitality. Just ask them….. “How fluid does your body feel?”



ANITA J. SHANNON is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a licensed Cosmetologist since 1983, specializing in skin care, body treatments, Clinical Aromatherapy and various modalities of massage therapy. She is a national educator since 1990, appearing at major national Spa and Massage conventions each year, and appeared as a co-host for four years on the television show “Health Options Today”with Dr. Mitchell Ghen.

Anita is the Director of Advanced Continuing Education, an NCBTMB CE provider, and has presented numerous workshops on ACE Massage Cupping and MediCupping at national locations since creating these brands of therapy in 2002. Anita has been published in Les Nouvelles Esthetique-US, Massage Today and Massage Magazine. She has published five educational videos on ACE Massage Cupping, MediCupping and TheraCupping and is currently writing a book on VacuTherapies.

Copyright 2008 Anita J Shannon and TheraCupping, LLC